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Execituve Summary

Background Information

The City of Calgary Action Plan is a multi-phase, year-long process during which citizens, City Council and City staff establish future direction and find the right balance between investing in quality public service and keeping tax rates affordable.

The Action Plan includes four key areas:

  • Council Priorities establish strategic direction for 2015-2018.
  • Departmental Business Plans implement Council direction with strategies, actions and targets.
  • Budgets, aligned with priorities and plans, set tax rates, utility and user fees.
  • Citizen Engagement provides qualitative input into priorities and plans.

In March 2014, a comprehensive stakeholder engagement program provided citizens with opportunities to gain a greater understanding of The City’s business planning and budgeting process and to provide input into the Action Plan. A variety of activities incorporated into the engagement plan enabled citizens to get involved in the process, providing feedback for City Council and City Administration to consider when developing Council Priorities for spending and service delivery for 2015-2018.


 Council Priorities Graphic