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Next Steps

Action Plan Roadmap 

The input received through the Action Plan 2015-2018 engagement program will be provided to City Departments and Business Units for consideration in developing their four-year business plans and budgets. Departments will be presenting preliminary business plans to their respective Standing Policy Committee of Council in 2014 September, including reference to how citizen and stakeholder input was considered in their plan development.

These business plans and budgets will be coordinated and formatted into The City’s Action Plan 2015-2018, to be publicly released in early 2014 November, followed by Council debate and approval in early 2014 December.

There will be opportunities for citizens and stakeholders to provide comments and thoughts on the consolidated draft Action Plan 2015-2018 in mid-November. There is also a final opportunity for citizens and stakeholders to appear and present at Council’s Public Hearing at the beginning of business plan and budget debates, beginning on 2014 November 24.

In the middle of each business plan and budget cycle, Council provides an opportunity to review the socio-economic outlook and other external trends, to revisit Council Priorities and citizen engagement that informed the development of the original four-year business plans and budgets, and to update the remaining two years of those plans and budgets as required to reflect changing circumstances.

The Action Plan 2015-2018 engagement program provided opportunities for citizen and stakeholder inputs that adhered to the principles of the engage! Policy: transparent, inclusive, accountable, responsive, and commitment. The comprehensive and inclusive engagement approach provided multiple opportunities for citizens and stakeholders to provide input to The City’s service and spending priorities. The results provide input from Calgarians that, along with other information sources, provide the necessary information to determine Council’s Strategic Plan for the 2015-2018 four-year cycle, as well as set priorities and directions for Departmental business plans and budgets.