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The Approach

Our approach to business planning and budgeting: 2015 - 2018 

The City of Calgary develops its business plans and budgets in multi-year cycles in order to set priorities and deliver services that are efficient, accountable and innovative.

Calgary City Council launched the first multi-year planning process in 2006 to:

  • improve services to citizens
  • ensure that we continue to build a vibrant city for generations through the execution of long-range plans.

This approach allows for the creation of Council Priorities that are informed by:

  • broad-based citizen engagement.
  • overall economic outlook.
  • a review of revenue sources and operating commitments.
  • legislative responsibilities.
  • key trends and research that include growth, inflation, sustainability, population projections and socio-economic conditions.

Why four-year business cycles? 

This will be the first cycle that spans four years, following the 2013 introduction of four-year Council terms. Action Plan 2015 - 2018 builds upon lessons learned from previous cycles with an approach that stresses financial sustainability, improved transparency, and efficiency in how City services are planned and delivered.

The benefits of an integrated, multi-year approach include:

  • Improved transparency and decision-making by providing Council and citizens more information about where City funds are used, linking service costs to service levels and outcomes, and better connecting long-term goals to short-term spending decisions.
  • Providing an ongoing, thorough examination of City services to ensure that services are relevant to citizens’ needs and priorities.
  • Increased accountability in delivering services to citizens effectively and efficiently, while maintaining its focus on a sustainable future. 

Previous business plans and budgets