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The Phases


Phase One: Prepare and understand (now complete!)

October 2013 – January 2014

From October to January, we built the planning and budgeting team, prepared information for citizens and Council, worked with Council and City staff to create our process and developed our strategy to engage and communicate with citizens and staff.

Phase Two: Explore, discover and arrive (now complete!)

February - May 2014

From February to May we considered themes to provide an outline for engagement and departmental plans. These outlines helped Council set four-year priorities and targets for each theme.

From March 3 to 21, The City of Calgary engaged with citizens through community events and the Action Plan website. The Action Plan engagement results reflect the diverse and thoughtful opinions, priorities, concerns and community aspirations of Calgarians who chose to participate. The results were shared with Council who used them as one of many tools to help determine Council Priorities.

In early May, Council approved their Priorities and set indicative fees, utility and tax rates, giving the vision and information required by City staff to build their business plans and budgets, which together comprise Action Plan 2015 - 2018.

Phase Three: Develop goals, actions, budgets and targets (now complete!)

June to September

The City developed draft business plans and budgets over the summer months that align with Council Priorities and are within the limits imposed by the indicative rates and fees. Each department is looking to improve teamwork with other departments that will create efficiencies and save money; provide better service to our citizens; and show how their work is clearly aligned with Council Priorities.

Draft business plan previews were finished in early September. These drafts were presented to Standing Policy Committees in September/October. This allowed Council more time to become familiar with the proposed plans prior to their November budget deliberations. The draft business plan previews are now available online.

Phase Four: Consolidate, inform, debate and approve

October to December

The City will prepare the final proposed document, which will be released to the public in early November. Citizens will be able to review and comment on the proposed plans and budgets over approximately two weeks. You may also present to Council during the Public Hearing the last week of November. Council deliberations and decisions are November 24 – December 5, 2014. By December 5, 2014, Calgary will have an approved Action Plan 2015 – 2018.

Phase Five: Deliver, measure and adjust

Deliver and measure

This Phase is actually the start of our four-year Action Plan. During this period, we will report to citizens directly through our Annual Reports, and indirectly through Standing Policy Committees and Council meetings as we share with Council our achievements and challenges, as well as our progress on our performance measures. All Council and Standing Policy Committee reports are available through our Council Minutes on the Electronic Legislative Management Solution.


The City will report to Council at mid-year (September) and year-end (April.) Council will deliberate Adjustments to the next year’s business plan and budget every November. This process allows Council the opportunity to approve changes to the business plan and budget due to unexpected events like the June 2013 Flood.

In 2016, The City is committed to doing a full review of the Action Plan 2015 – 2018. This is to make sure we are on track to accomplish the actions and tactics laid out in Action Plan 2015 – 2018, and to ensure changes are made if necessary.