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Business tax penalties and service charges

All unpaid Business tax from prior years is overdue and must be paid immediately. Contact Credit and Collections at 403-268-2507 to make payment arrangements.

Business tax late payment penalties

Tax arrears: outstanding unpaid tax and penalties from prior years

In accordance with the Business Tax Bylaw, a penalty of 1% of any unpaid tax from previous years (tax arrears) is added on the first day of each month, starting January 1.

Business tax service charges

If your ba​nk does not honour your cheque:

  • the payment will be removed from your account,
  • a service charge of $30 will be added,
  • if you are paying for more than one business tax account with a single cheque, an additional service charge of $10 will be added to each business tax account affected by the non-payment,
  • a statement of account will be mailed advising you of the returned payment and applicable service charge(s), and
  • penalties will continue to be added in accordance with the Business Tax Bylaw​.

Service charges are subject to change.