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Reports Overview


Calgary & Region Economic Outlook
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The City of Calgary monitors and forecasts key indicators for the local economy throughout the year. The results of this process are published twice annually - once in the spring and then again in the fall.


Current Economic Indicators
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This monthly report contains comments, analysis and statistical illustrations of a set of economic indicators monitored by Corporate Economics that inform our forecasts. Highlighted indicators include employment, the number of EI recipients, natural gas and crude oil prices, home sales, average sale price, and total building permit values.


Housing Review
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This quarterly report analyzes recent developments in Calgary's real estate market, providing an understanding of current trends impacting local market conditions and expectations for the future. Concepts and indicators covered include resale activity, home prices, new residential construction, and affordability.


Inflation Review
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Consumer price changes in Calgary, Alberta and Canada are captured in this monthly report. It includes a review of changes in drivers of Calgary’s consumer price inflation and brief analysis on price changes in major components like food, shelter and transportation.


Labour Market Review
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This monthly report provides a review of changes in Calgary’s labour market within the context of a cross-regional comparison for Canada. A summary table of labour force statistics for Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta is presented in this report.


Residential Property Taxes & Utility Charges Survey
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Common among Canadian municipalities of different physical sizes, climates, customers, and service offerings is the fact that they operate on balanced budgets. This survey attempts to show, from citizens' perspective, the financial burden of owning property in the municipality.


Municipal Finance
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Special Research Reports
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Archived Reports
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