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Municipal Finance Simulation Model (MFiSiM)

Municipal Finance Simulation Model

The Municipal Finance Simulation Model (MFiSiM) is developed by Corporate Economics, to provide a tool to analyze the impacts of policy decisions and external shocks on The City’s finances and service delivery. The MFiSiM is a system dynamic model that simulates municipal revenues and expenditures at both the business unit and at the corporate level. MFiSiM's analysis is at the municipal level and provides information on the following indicators:

  • population,
  • employment,
  • housing,
  • business space, and
  • government revenues and expenditures.

MFiSiM typically is used to look at several "what-if" scenarios, especially if there is uncertainty about the change.

How is MFiSiM used?

MFiSiM is an educational tool for a municipality facing change. In general, the model should be used in the municipality's decision making process to allow the analyst/decision-maker to examine various options facing the municipality.

MFiSiM analysis availability

Analysis using MFiSiM is available through Corporate Economics.

MFiSiM has been developed and extended on a previous version of modelling effort of "CIAM – Calgary Impact Assessment Model"

More information

Municipal Finance Simulation Model

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Regional Economic Growth and Municipal Financial Planning paper submitted to the 2011 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society



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