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Business plans and budgets 2012-2014: departments

The approved business plans and budgets together form the path The City will take over the next three years, 2012 to 2014, to provide the services and programs that Calgarians have asked for. The budget is the financial roadmap, created in concert with the business plans that have been developed to meet Council’s Fiscal Plan for Calgary.

For a quick-read version of Council’s priority areas, the key services City departments will deliver and their net operating budget over the 2012-2014 period, the Citizen Summary: Business Plans and Budgets 2012-2014 is available. For detailed department information follow the links below.

Department business plans and budgets

The approved 2012-2014 business plans and budgets are available below.  If you printed sections of the business plans and budgets before February 2011, refer to the list of changed pages to see which pages have been updated.

Community Services & Protective Services (CS&PS)

Corporate Services

Planning, Development & Assessment (PDA)


Utilities & Environmental Protection (UEP)

Calgary Police Service (CPS)

Corporate Administration

Civic Partners, Council, Corporate Programs, Calgary Parking Authority

Summary of Department Business Plans and Budgets

Complete Business Plans and Budgets 2012-2014

Key priority areas and services

The 2012-2014 business plans and budget focuses on key priority areas identified in Council’s Fiscal Plan for Calgary.

  • Priority Area 1 – ensuring every Calgarian lives in a safe community and has the opportunity to succeed
    Includes: community-based policing and crime prevention; more affordable housing units; programs to address the needs of vulnerable Calgarians; maintain standards for fire safety and coverage; improve building codes with a focus on safety.
  • Priority Area 2 - investing in great communities and a vibrant urban fabric
    Includes: waste management, watershed protection and other environmental programs; redevelopment and restoration of existing parks; develop a new Central Library; implement the Municipal Development Plan.
  • Priority Area 3 - moving people and goods throughout the city efficiently and sustainably
    Includes: complete the West LRT and extend the northwest and northeast lines; implement a new parking policy framework; investment in key cycling infrastructure; ensure Calgary’s transportation modes support and sustain the environment.
  • Priority Area 4 - making Calgary the best place in Canada for a business to start and flourish
    Includes: the red tape reduction initiative, consolidation of business taxes with non-residential property tax; ensure an adequate supply of serviced industrial land; and promote a customer-centric environment for all City services.
  • Priority Area 5 – becoming a more effective and disciplined organization
    Includes: become an even more efficient and effective organization by exploring and applying alternative ways to deliver our services, improve access to information;  increase focus and accountability in project management; implement a program of in-depth, zero-based service reviews, and maintain The City as an employer of choice, in order to attract and retain skilled and engaged workers.
  • Priority Area 6 – changing the rules of the game to ensure better financial capacity
    Includes: aim to assure The City  and Province stable tax revenues through effective business and property assessment processes; explore alternative funding sources through public-private partnership; advocate the provincial government for a potential city charter to allow The City to expand its financial autonomy.
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