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Plans, budgets, and financial reports

In January 2005, Calgary City Council decided to implement multi-year integrated business planning and budgeting. This multi-year approach provides more certainty about long-term capital investments and flexibility to accommodate changes in economic, social, environmental and political circumstances.

The integrated planning and budgeting process began with the 2006–2008 business plans and budgets.

Updates to the business plans and budgets include:

  • adjustments to business plans, budgets and performance measures,
  • accountability reports (mid-year and year end), and
  • corporate annual reports.

Business plan and budget adjustment reports are prepared annually to respond to changing circumstances.

Quarterly reports and annual reports are prepared to report our results publicly.

Additional plans, budgets, and financial reports information

2012-2014 Business plans and budgets

2015-2018 Action Plan

2015-2018 Action Plan Mid-Cycle Adjustments

2019-2022 Plans & Budget​

Annual reports

Business plans and budgets accountability reports

Long range financial plan

Our City. Our Budget. Our Future.

Reserves and long term liabilities

Senior management expenses

User fees and rates

Zero-Based Review Program

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