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2019 Budget Reductions

Since the One Calgary 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budgets were approved, Council directed additional 2019 budget reductions in the amount of $60 million to provide immediate tax relief for Calgary businesses. 

On July 23, Council approved Administration’s recommendations for the $60 million reductions, with a minor amendment and correction:

  • Amendment: Package 75 in attachment 3 of the proposed reductions for service reductions to Recreation Opportunities to allocate up to $800,000 from 2019 Corporate Program Savings to allow for interim servicing of the community recreational assets and report to Council September 30, 2019.
  • Correction: Package 88 in attachment 3 of the proposed reductions should be classified as an efficiency, not a service reduction.

How did we get here?

Council and Administration understand the challenges the current property tax situation has created for citizens and businesses and are taking action to provide immediate tax relief.

The economic downturn has adversely impacted many businesses in Calgary. A sharp decline in the assessed value of downtown non-residential properties has resulted in the redistribution of property taxes to non-residential property owners outside of the core. The $60 million budget reduction has been applied towards the 2019 Municipal Non-Residential Phased Tax Program and, starting in 2020, will permanently reduce the overall share of non-residential property tax responsibility.

The City has been working towards reducing its bottom line for some time now and has taken action to achieve $614 million in savings through intentional management during Action Plan 2015-2018.

Next Steps

The City will continue to look for opportunities to streamline costs and improve the value and affordability of services provided to Calgarians. In addition to realizing the $60 million in 2019 reductions, and the savings committed to in the One Calgary 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budgets, The City will continue to work with Council to determine what further reductions are needed for 2020 and beyond to continue to support Calgary’s economic recovery.

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