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Zero-Based Review Program overview

Centre Street Bridge

What is a zero-based review?

The Zero-Based Review (ZBR) Program complements The City’s other continuous improvement activities by adding a periodic, more thorough review of whether the right services are being provided in the right way.

Why do we do them?

The ZBR Program exists to:

  • Increase the value Calgarians get from their tax dollars by improving the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of services.
  • Build the organization’s capacity for continuous service improvement.

It helps to align services and costs with what citizens want and are prepared to pay for.

How do we do this work?

ZBRs follow a continuous improvement process centered on The City of Calgary’s Customer Service Approach.

ZBR continuous improvement process

View larger image:ZBR Program process diagram

Customer service approach

The Customer Service Approach is a continuous cycle with the Service Promise at the core.

Service Promise: What matters to you matters to us. We listen, respect and act.

Understand: Learning about our customers and their expectations.

Design: Reflecting customer expectations in service design.

Deliver: Delivering our services as designed.

The City’s Governance structure and commitment to continuous improvement is embedded in this process.

ZBR Program continuous improvement cycle

Understand customers and what they value.

Discover how value to customers can be improved.

Develop detailed business cases for the most promising opportunities.

Implement the recommendations.

Benefit from the changes.