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Zero-Based Review Program completed reviews

Below is a list of zero-based reviews that have been completed with a summary and link to the full report.

Calgary Building Services

The Calgary Building Services ZBR was all about the customer. The ZBR identified $4.6 million in annual financial gains, plus $1.9 million in savings for Calgarians (out-of-pocket expenses and time) and numerous customer experience improvements.

Calgary Building Services zero-based review report

Calgary Fire Department

Improvements identified in the Calgary Fire Department ZBR maintain a high standard of service that citizens expect, while mitigating service cost increases in the future. The ZBR is expected to deliver between $14.1 to $15.1 million in efficiency savings as well as effectiveness improvements, including improved diversity and inclusion practices.

Calgary Fire Department zero-based review report

Calgary Transit

C-TrainThe Calgary Transit ZBR identified $5.3 million in annual operating efficiencies plus an additional $25 million in capital cost avoidance over five years.

Calgary Transit zero-based review report

Fleet Services

Fleet Services piloted the ZBR methodology in 2012 and a number of improvements were identified for implementation.

Fleet Services zero-based review report


Inglewood Bird SanctuaryThe Parks ZBR identified $4.3 million in annual financial gains as well as service improvements, including enhanced customer service, improved staff morale and a larger contribution to environmental sustainability.

Parks zero-based review report


Roads sweeperThe Roads ZBR identified ongoing financial benefits between $1.4 and $1.9 million annually as well as improvements to the street light maintenance service.

Roads zero-based review report

Water Resources

River and mountainsThe Water Resources ZBR identified between $17.0 and $20.5 million in annual financial gains and a number of service effectiveness improvements.

Water Resources zero-based review report

​Water Services

ReservoirRecommendations from the Water Services ZBR identified between $2.4 and $5 million in annual efficiency gains as well as improvements to customer service. Many of the recommendations are considered scalable, and may result in additional efficiency and effectiveness gains during implementation.

Water Services zero-based review report