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Policy goals for assessing societal benefits

In Council report FCS2008-13, Council approved policy goals for assessing the societal benefit of goods and services. An additional economic policy goal (No. 10), as well as a slight revision of policy goal No. 9, was also approved by Council in February 2012. These changes were brought forward in report PFC2012-16.

  1. Reduce community greenhouse emissions, air pollutants, and energy consumption (environmental)
  2. Protect water resources (environmental)
  3. Ensure land stewardship and protection (environmental)
  4. Reduce waste to landfill (environmental)
  5. Provide accessibility/availability (social)
  6. Enable affordability (social)
  7. Promote accommodation/acceptability (social)
  8. Improve adequacy to meet need, suitability and safety (social)
  9. Create a city where citizens want to live, work and invest (economic)
  10. Create a city that promotes a healthy, vibrant economy by attracting and retaining businesses and helping them grow (economic)
  11. Encourage sustainable communities (smart growth)
  12. Reduce barriers to participation (smart growth)
  13. Other (from Council-approved environmental, social, economic or smart growth policy)

User Fees & Subsidies Policy