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Business plans and budgets 2012-2014: Council's fiscal plan for Calgary

Council’s Fiscal Plan for Calgary provides Council’s direction to Administration for the 2012-2014 business plans and budgets.

Development of Council’s Fiscal Plan

Council’s Fiscal Plan for Calgary was developed by Council in a series of nine strategic planning meetings held from January to June 2011. In developing this Plan, Council considered and debated a range of information including:

  • Sustainability
  • Trends for Calgary and the region
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Tax rate principles
  • Growth management
  • Financial implications
  • Corporate risks
  • Corporate efficiency and effectiveness
  • Regional issues
  • Indicative tax rates
  • User fees and Subsidies Policy
  • Indicative utility rates
  • Indicative waste and recycling fees

Direction for Administration

During the June 28, 2011 Council strategic planning meeting, Council confirmed its Fiscal Plan for Calgary which identifies six priority areas for Administration to develop the 2012-2014 business plans and budgets. Each priority area includes directional statements to provide further clarification.

Also on June 28, Council approved indicative rates for water and wastewater utilities, waste and recycling fees, and indicative tax rates based on municipal inflation and population growth after considering input and results from the stakeholder engagement process and information Council received from its strategic planning meetings.

Together, Council’s Fiscal Plan for Calgary and the approved indicative tax rates provided Administration with the necessary direction to prepare the proposed 2012-2014 business plans and budgets for Council’s budget deliberation. On Nov. 29, Council approved the 2012-2014 business plans and budgets.

Understanding Council’s Fiscal Plan for Calgary

During the strategic planning meetings, a temple structure (or Parthenon) emerged as a framework for Council’s Fiscal Plan for Calgary. The boxes below, to the right of the Parthenon, are not part of Council’s Fiscal Plan but are included to help explain key components of the structure.

Council’s Foreword

Calgarians have always been innovative, confident, entrepreneurial, and willing to make things better. They expect no less from their City Council. We need to continue to transform government, becoming better at delivering the services Calgarians need. We do that by valuing City of Calgary employees as colleagues, and by empowering them to do their jobs better. We will strive to be more efficient and more effective, while focusing on transparency and engagement with all Calgarians.​​