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Business plans and budgets 2012-2014: overview & citizen summary

Council approved The City’s 2012-2014 business plans and budgets on Nov. 29, 2011. Together, the business plans and budgets form the path that The City will take over the 2012-2014 period to provide the services and programs that Calgarians have asked for.

Adjustments 2013 & 2014

To honour The City’s commitment to continue its conversation with Calgarians, was launched on June 12, 2012, and contains information and links designed to give Calgarians information regarding the approved 2012 – 2014 business plans and budgets so you could become more informed on what The City is focusing its efforts towards, how we are spending tax and capital dollars, and to give you a forum to talk directly with The City and each other.

The priority for citizen engagement at this time was to discover if Calgarians’ priorities had changed since Council deliberation in 2011, if outside events had changed or shifted (e.g. economic conditions) from your perspective, and if The City was doing  a good job in meeting the expectations laid out in the 2012 – 2014 business plans and budgets.

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Citizen Summary

Citizens told us the Budget Kit used during the engagement process of the Our City. Our Budget. Our Future. program was an easy-to-use and informative tool. As a follow-up to the Budget Kit, the Citizen Summary: Business Plans and Budgets 2012-2014 is a quick-read version of Council’s priority areas, the key services City departments will deliver and their net operating budget over the 2012-2014 period.

Approved business plans and budgets

The approved 2012-2014 business plans and budgets are available below.  If you printed sections of the business plans and budgets before February 2011, refer to the list of changed pages to see which pages have been updated.

Complete 2012-2014 approved business plans and budgets

Reader’s Guide and Glossary

Individual sections:

City Manager’s Message and Executive Summary

Corporate Context: Trends and Outlooks

Council’s Fiscal Plan for Calgary

Department business plans and budgets 

Civic Partners, Council, Corporate Programs, Calgary Parking Authority.

Supplemental Budget Analysis and Information includes a schedule of user fees and taxation revenues, and tax-supported and non-tax supported capital summary schedules.

Features of the business plan and budget document

Based on comments from Council and citizens, the business plan and budget pages were re-designed to provide Council and citizens a better view of how department business plans and budgets align with Council’s Fiscal Plan and deliver City services citizens most value. Key features include:

  • Alignment with Council’s priority areas – a designated theme and colour for each Council’s priority areas help show how departmental outcomes, strategies and actions align to Council’s Fiscal Plan.
  • Performance measures, goals and objectives – Readers will be able to follow the outcomes, strategies and actions from department, to business unit, to service pages to see how department outcomes will be achieved and measured.
  • Highlights of funding decisions – The business plan and budget highlight pages describe how Council’s Fiscal Plan and other priorities are reflected in changes to business unit’s operating budget, funding decisions and what business units will do to achieve the productivity gain targets set by Council.
  • Greater detail of budget information – Each business unit page includes a chart that highlights the relative importance of revenue sources and expenditure categories as well as a table of budget amounts for the services in that business unit.
  • Detailed service descriptions and budgets – Readers will be able to learn more about specific lines of service within a business unit, the strategies and actions it will deliver, the associated budget and resource allocation in the three-year budget cycle.

Funding City Services

Property taxes support the delivery of key City services and are the primary source of funding for The City’s operating budget. The approved three-year budget will result in property tax rate increases of 6.0% in 2012, 5.7% in 2013 and 6.1% in 2014 or monthly increases of approximately $6.60, $6.60, and $7.50, respectively for an average home in Calgary. Citizens may find additional fee and rate increases depending on the specific City services they use including utilities, transit and recreation.

The final property tax rates for each of the three years will be approved in April each year, once The City has received the provincial government’s property tax requisition.

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