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Sustainable Environmental & Ethical Procurement Policy (SEEPP)

The City's Sustainable, Environmental and Ethical Procurement Policy (SEEPP) provides guidelines to govern procurement activities at The City of Calgary. This means purchasing products and services at reasonable prices while considering key environmental and social benefits such as worker health and safet​y, energy efficiency, minimal packaging, or other sustainability aspects over the entire life-cycle of the product or service.

SEEPP builds on The City's Green Procurement Policy and aligns with other key City policies and initiatives such as the environmental policy, EnviroSystem (ISO 14001), and ImagineCalgary.

Throughout the policy development and pilot implementation phase of the project, other public and private organizations alike have expressed overwhelming interest in SEEPP. These organizations include the Government of Alberta, the municipalities of Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto, Shell Canada Ltd. and Nexen Inc.

SEEPP not only promotes awareness of environmental and ethical issues, it also encourages supply chain practices that have a positive impact on social, economical and environmental sustainability. The City's SEEPP will be implemented in a phased approach, and will gradually be applied to all City purchases.

What is the purpose of SEEPP?

The purpose of SEEPP is to ensure that products and services purchased by The City are manufactured, produced and provided in accordance with:

  • established international environmental standards and guidelines;
  • environmental labeling; and,
  • applicable jurisdictional legislation regarding wages, working conditions, safety, forced labour and freedom of association, such as those embodied in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and International Labour Organization Conventions.  The City encourages suppliers to exceed jurisdictional legislated requirements in all these area.

Why is SEEPP important?

The City of Calgary is committed to being good stewards of our natural and economic resources. With annual expenditures of more than $2 billion in procurement alone, The City has a responsibility to ensure that taxpayers' dollars are spent in a way that is consistent with the environmental and social values of the community it serves.

SEEPP demonstrates The City's commitment to creating a sustainable community by:

  • promoting worker health and safety and ensuring compliance with applicable legislation;
  • taking a leadership role in market development for green and ethical, or otherwise sustainable products; and,
  • promoting innovation and enhancing access to green and ethical products to lower costs of sustainable purchasing over time.

SEEPP framework

SEEPP is supported by a strong framework founded on The City of Calgary's corporate vision of "working together to create and sustain a vibrant, healthy, safe and caring community."

SEEPP also builds on The City's Green Procurement Policy and aligns with other key City policies and initiatives including the environmental policy, EnviroSystem (ISO 14001), and ImagineCalgary.

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