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Health Management - Health Challenges - Employee comes forward

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Health Management

Employee comes forward

Health Challenges

Direct your employee to a Corporate Health Consultant

Corporate Health Consultant can help the employee work through their treatment options. They can also arrange a test for fitness to work. The Corporate Health Consultant can make a referral to a substance use professional who can diagnose a substance dependency if it exists. If a substance dependency is medically diagnosed, the substance use professional will make treatment recommendations.

Maintain confidentiality

As a supervisor, remember if an employee comes forward with a health concern, including one related to substance use, you must maintain your employee’s privacy. Do not tell co-workers the reason for absences.

What to do if ...

Suspect employee of substance use

Suspect employee of being under the influence

Who can help?

Your HR Advisor can discuss your situation and provide advice. If you don't know who your HR Advisor is call HR Support Services at 403-268-5800.

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