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Health Management - Health Challenges - Initial support services

Human Resources


Health Management

Initial support services

During your initial conversation, you should have determined whether your employee’s challenges were related to personal, health, home or work issues. Depending on what you discovered, these resources, which are all available through The City, are a good first suggestion. Some support services can help in multiple situations.

Health issue revealed Suggest family doctor, EFAP. Provide accommodation for documented, medically-based issues.
Home issue revealed Suggest EFAP. Provide short-term felxibility (time-limited, in line with collective agreement.
Work environemnt/work relationship issue revealed Suggest EFAP, HRA. Brainstorm solutions together.
No issue revealed Monitor situation.

Resources for health challenges

Employee�s Family Doctor

You may suggest that an employee checks in with their family doctor in order to discuss their health concerns.

Counselling service through Homewood Health

Homewood Health provides counselling services through the Employee Family Assistance Program. Counselling with registered psychologists and clinical staff can be done by phone, in-person or by email. It�s confidential (unless there is a life threatening situation) and can help an employee deal with complex issues in his or her personal or work life. These services are also available to eligible family members of your employee. In addition to counselling, EFAP offers prevention-oriented health promotions.


Wellness Counselling And Advice

Corporate Health Consultants

The City's Corporate Health Consultants are professionals providing medical expertise, consultation and advice. They are available to supervisors, Human Resources Advisors and employees. Employees can visit their Corporate Health Consultant voluntarily. They may also be referred by a supervisor for a mandatory fitness for work assessment. If a health issue is found, the Corporate Health Consultant can make a referral to another health care professional. They might also work with the supervisor and employee to create an action plan that addresses the health issue. The Corporate Health Consultant will not share details about an employee�s health issue with that employee�s supervisor. Those details are kept confidential between the consultant and employee. If an employee was referred to the CHC and there was no health issue detected in that evaluation, the supervisor should consider performance management with his or her employee if the behaviour warrants it.

Find contacts for Human Resource Advisors and Corporate Health Consultants on myCity or by calling 403-268-5800.


The City�s Extended Health benefits plan currently provided through Green Shield covers support services such as counselling outside of Homewood Health as well as paramedical services from professionals including naturopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, dieticians and registered massage therapists and more.

For more information on what their plan covers, your employee should review their benefits package, contact Green Shield at 1-888-711-1110 or visit


Accommodation is a change to rules, standards, policies, workplace cultures or physical environment to make sure that there isn�t a negative impact on an employee for a mental or physical disability or any other protected ground. It is the City�s duty to accommodate in a way that balances the needs of the individual and the employer. Each case is individual. Your Return to Work Coordinator can help you through the process of finding an accommodation to suit a specific employee�s circumstance. Visit Accommodation for more information on the process.

If you�re concerned about substance use

Substance use (including alcohol as well as legal and illegal drugs) is a health challenge that has its own set of signs to indicate that it may be an issue. As a supervisor, you are not there to diagnose dependency. It�s your job to notice if your employee is fit for work. If you think they aren�t fit for work, then refer to the steps in our employee substance use guide for supervisors.


The City of Calgary offers several Wellness programs to its staff to help it get healthy and stay healthy. Programs related to supporting mental health, providing free health screenings, stress and resiliency education, fitness classes and more are all available. For more information, visit

Resources for home challenges

Homewood Health Plan Smart Services

In addition to counselling services through the Employee Family Assistance Program, Homewood Health offers Plan Smart Services. These services include life balance solutions that can help employees deal with child-, elder- and family-care and relationship issues. It also provides legal and financial advisory services.

Wellness Plan Smart Services


Compassionate care leave

If your employee has a family member with a serious medical condition with significant risk of death, they are eligible for compassionate care leave. Permanent or temporary employees with at least 12 months of continuous service can take a leave without pay for up to eight weeks. An employee with at least six months of continuous service may be granted compassionate care leave at the discretion of the General Manager. Your Human Resources Advisor can help you and your employee through this process. 268-5800


The City of Calgary offers several Wellness programs to promote the health of its staff. Programs related to supporting mental health, providing free health screenings, stress and resiliency education, fitness classes and more are all available. For more information, visit

Flexible work options

Flexible work options can include job sharing, compressed work weeks, alternative start or stop times, teleworking and more. Flexible work options have to fit with operational requirements and are approved by management. They can help employees coordinate family obligations, boost productivity or cope with stress. To be considered, employees should fill out a Flexible Work Option Application. A Human Resources Advisor (403-268-5800) can help with any questions. If the request is made for disability, religious, family status or other grounds protected under human rights legislation, employees should follow the accommodation process.

For more information on Flexible Work speak to your supervisor or manager, call HR Support Services at 268-5800 or log into the internal website myFlexwork.

Go to myFlexwork or call HR Support Services at 268-5800 for more information and application process.

Resources for work challenges

Human Resources Advisor

These challenges could involve struggles with relationships or conflicts with coworkers. Perhaps the tools needed to complete the job are not available or more training is needed. It could be a situation of harassment or bullying. If any of those are the case as well as other issues not listed, a Human Resources Advisor can help work with the supervisor to resolve the challenges.

Homewood Health Career Smart Counselling

Through Career Smart Counselling Services, counsellors can help work through time management, provide advice on managing conflict, help fine-tune career plans or adjust to a new role at work. Career Smart Counselling Services also include shift worker support and pre-retirement planning. All counselling can be by phone, in-person or by email are confidential unless there is a life threatening situation. Link to plan smart page

Wellness Plan Smart Services


Who can help?

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