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Health Management - Health Challenges - Supervisor support

Human Resources


Health Management

Supervisor support

As a supervisor, you are there to support your employees, but you also have a support team around you. They are there for advice or guidance to help work through challenges with employees. And, remember, all of the support available to your employee’s is also available to you should you have a personal health challenge.

Human Resource Advisors

Human Resource Advisors are the first point of contact for supervisors. They will advise you and coach you through the steps of supporting your employee. When necessary, advisors will typically be involved in any investigations, workplace issues and employee discipline. They will help with referrals to the Employee Family Assistance Program as well as to a Corporate Health Consultant. The HRA, like the supervisor, does not ask for or receive any medical diagnostic or confidential medical information. The HRA also advises on disciplinary procedures if performance issues are not health-related.

Wellness Supervisor Programs

Homewood Health

Homewood Health is available to supervisors who need advice on how to handle difficult situations with their employees. It also offers Critical Incident Stress Management with on-site or telephone support within two hours of workplace incidents such as assault, threats, injury, death or other traumatic events.


Corporate Health Consultants

Corporate Health Consultants assist management with mandatory referrals related to potential substance issues, fitness for work and chronic absenteeism concerns. Their role is to clarify if there are underlying medical conditions at play. They make referrals to other health care professionals when required and develop action plans with the employee and supervisor to address health issues. Employees can also access Corporate Health Consultants on their own without a referral from their supervisor.

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