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Health Management - Leave & Disability - While employee is on S & A

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Health Management

While employee is on S & A

Employee’s role while on S & A

As you recover, update your supervisor about when you may be ready to return to work.

Keep your case manager at Homewood Health, Greatwest Life or Sun Life (IAFF) up to date on your recovery and updates from your health care providers. This will help the City to prepare the work environment for when you return to work.

Follow your treatment plan that is in place to help you recover and get well.

Read the MEBAC agreement or the website for Firefighters Benefits Information for specific information about S & A and LTD benefits.

Supervisor’s role while your employee is on S & A

  1. Keep in touch

    While your employee is away, stay in contact with them by calling to see how they are doing.

    Take this opportunity to share any workplace news that might be useful to them and help them feel less isolated.

    Get updated information about the date of return and any restrictions or modifications needed to help when they come back to work.

    Remember, as with all contact between employees and supervisors, there is no need to discuss specific medical details. It’s also an opportunity to ask the employee how they would like you to handle any questions by coworkers about the reason for the absence.

    Use discretion. Continued contact is an important way to maintain a connection with your employee, but when and how often you reach out is a judgement call based on the reason for the absence. At the beginning of the absence, let your employee know that you will be checking in. Ask when the best time to contact them is.

    While you are checking in with your employee, remind them that they still have access to City of Calgary resources. That includes The City’s benefits plan offered through Green Shield Canada, or Alberta Blue Cross (IAFF) wellness programs and Homewood Health services including counselling and Life Smart Services.

  2. Review updates from Homewood Health Inc.

    The case manager provides claim updates by email to the supervisor, Benefits Liaison and Return to Work Coordinator. This includes claim decision, estimated date of return to work and work abilities/limitations for accommodation purposes. For more information on how to support your employee returning to work with restrictions refer to the Return to Work Section.

  3. Managing workload

    If they can, supervisors should reorganize schedules or redistribute workloads to make sure operations continue with minimal interruption. S&A can be anywhere from six days to 119 days (with the potential for a longer absence if the leave transitions to long term disability). Each scenario will be different and the length of leave may not be known immediately. Supervisors should keep monitoring the situation and make adjustments to how work is completed accordingly.

    If necessary, supervisors can consider accessing temporary resources. For example, using other employees needing accommodated work, Temporary Employment Services Agency (TESA), on-call employees. Consult with Human Resources, Return to Work Coordinators if needed.

  4. Proactively identifying accommodation opportunities

    While the employee is recovering, the supervisor can work with the employee and Return to Work Coordinator to discuss the employee’s functional abilities to evaluate the possibility of modifying the employee’s own job or consider available job tasks within the work area. Being proactive about this supports an early and safe return to work.

Who can help?

Human Resources

HR Support Services: 403-268-5800
HR Business Partners

Homewood Health

Direct Tel: 403-705-2024
Toll Free: 1-800-472-4904
Fax: 1-866-460-4645

Great-West Life: Calgary Disability Management Services Office

Direct Tel: 403-515-5900
Toll Free: 1-866-221-8524
Fax: 403-234-7565

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