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Health Management - Leave & Disability - Suspicious absence

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Health Management

Suspicious absence

Leave & disability

If you think an absence is suspicious

If you suspect your employee is abusing their sick days by calling in sick when they are able to work you should ask for a Supporting Medical Document. The employee has to get that document within 24 hours of a supervisor requesting it. That timeline might seem tight, but if an employee can’t get in to see their family doctor, they should go to a clinic. Ask them to fax the note to the Corporate Health Consultant at 1-888-435-8219. Email the Corporate Health Consultant with your request and timeline for response.

A supporting medical document should include

  • Name of physician
  • Date and time the physician saw the employee
  • The nature of the illness. It should not be a diagnosis
  • If and when the employee can return to work
  • If, when the employee returns to work, there needs to be any modification to their work

Supervisors should be cautious when asking for a Supporting Medical Document and only make the request when an absence seems suspicious. Reasons to be suspicious might be if your employee calls in sick on a day that they requested off, but were denied or if your employee went home sick after being issued discipline. Maybe they were seen out shopping when they were supposed to off sick. Or, maybe you notice a pattern of absences that is odd such as consistently calling in sick the day before or after a weekend.

If your employee doesn’t provide a Supporting Medical Document, contact your Human Resources Advisor to determine if formal action needs to be taken.

Who can help?

Your HR Advisor can discuss your situation and provide advice. If you don't know who your HR Advisor is call HR Support Services at 403-268-5800.