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Health Management - Return To Work - With restrictions

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Health Management

With restrictions

Returning to work from Sickness and Accident (S&A), Long Term Disability (LTD) or a WCB Claim with modifications or restrictions

In these cases, an employee has been medically cleared to return to work and requires modifications to the workplace or restrictions to their tasks or hours of work to accommodate their injury or illness.

Getting medical clearance for return

The return to work process begins with getting medical clearance from a doctor. In absences longer than five work days, the case manager will provide notification to the supervisor and Return Tto Work Coordinator confirming the date the employee will be able to return to work. They will include information related to the employee’s restrictions and abilities and the anticipated duration of those restrictions. In some situations where the restriction information is unclear, the employee may be asked to have their treating physician complete a Return to Work with Restrictions form. The additional detail provided in this form assists in allowing the employer to ensure proper accommodation options are being considered for the employee.

Once it has been identified that an employee requires modifications to the workplace, the accommodation process begins.

Who can help?

Your Return to Work Coordinator or HR Business Partner can discuss your situation and provide advice.

If you don't know who your contact is call HR Support Services at 403-268-5800.

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