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Wellness - Healthy Workplace

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Healthy workplace

A psychologically safe workplace is a workplace that promotes workers psychological wellbeing and actively works to prevent psychological health issues resulting from negligent, reckless or intentional behaviour. 

Both the workplace and the individual have a shared responsibility for creating and maintaining a Healthy Workplace. Healthier, happier employees are more engaged and productive, and better able to deliver high quality public services.  

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What does a healthy workplace look like?

A healthy workplace is made up of three components:

  • Individual health practices — practices and programs that promote healthy choices in nutrition, fitness, mental health, life balance and safety.
  • Leadership practices — supportive leaders who practice the principles of individual health and support employees in doing the same.
  • Organizational culture — the positive interaction of people in the workplace, including flexibility, trust, training, recognition and engagement.

Watch these short videos to learn more about the 13 Factors that can impact mental health in the workplace.

Leader resources

Leaders play an important role in encouraging and supporting the health, wellness and engagement of their employees. There will be times when individuals experience health issues affecting their work performance. Support given to them at this time can help them recover or manage health issues more quickly, shorten their absence from work and keep them engaged with the team.

Leading Health and Wellness course​

The Leading Health and Wellness course will help you understand how to encourage and maintain healthy work practices, alert you to the signs of health challenges and help you identify the required processes, people and resources available to help you fulfil your responsibilities. 

Please note: The following link can only be accessed on a City computer or through remote access (e.g. Citrix) on your personal device.

As a leader, you can learn more about developing and maintaining a healthy workplace and supporting employees with health challenges by taking the Leading Health & Wellness course.

To learn more about HR Wellness programs and services, and who your Wellness HR Consultant is, contact HR Support Services at 403-268-5800 or email