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Corporate campaigns

Every year HR Wellness holds a corporate campaign to focus on one aspect of health and wellness for City employees. Whether its preventing muscular injuries, resilience, or a better night’s sleep, we pull together tools and resources that employees can use to make changes to their life.

Tear down the wall

Over 60 percent of people with mental health problems don’t seek help because of the stigma. Help tear down the wall and start talking about mental health.

Just Move

For many employees the work day involves sitting – either behind a desk, or behind the wheel. And that time sitting increases the risk of muscle injuries due to poor muscle health.


We all have to adapt to the challenges that life throws our way and it’s our resilience that helps us navigate these ups and downs. Get started shaping a more resilient you with these tools and resources..

Wake up!

Getting the sleep you need enables you to better cope with life’s challenges, and we’ve got the resources to help you get some Z’s.