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Being adaptable is good

As an employee, your day can be busy and stressful, and you have to adapt to the challenges life throws your way. It’s your resilience that helps you navigate these ups and downs even on your most stressful day.

Get started shaping a more resilient you by watching the short video below, or check out the resilience resources at the bottom of the page to help City staff start making positive changes today.

The City of Calgary is dedicated to providing a healthy, safe and engaging workplace. The Wellness area’s programs, services and resources empower City leaders, employees and their families to make positive lifestyle choices with their physical, social, and mental health.

Watch the video now

Resilience resources

Wellness Works: Resilience Issue

Webinar #1: Are you practicing safe stress?

Handout for #1: Practicing safe stress - worksheet

Webinar #2: Gratitude - Increasing positivity and productivity

Webinar #3: Coping with change & self-care

Handout #3: Change and transition

Webinar #4: Putting your best foot forward

Tell us what you think of the Thrive! Campaign

Stress quiz

Resiliency goal setting

Employee Wellness & Benefits programs

WOW! fitness classes

Active Living Program

Employee & Family Assistance Program

Employee mental health

Municipal Employees Benefit Association of Calgary