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About Wellness

The City of Calgary is dedicated to providing a healthy, productive, safe and engaging workplace for all employees. The City’s definition of health and wellness mirrors the World Health Organization’s definition by speaking to an employee’s mental, physical and social well-being.

There is a shared responsibility and commitment among all City staff to encourage healthy personal lifestyle choices beyond the workplace and actively support and maintain a positive work-life environment

By contributing to a healthy sustainable corporation Employee Wellness will:

  • Advocate by influencing health and wellness strategies, business planning and policy;
  • Educate by delivering programs and services that support employee wellness; and
  • Collaborate through partnerships and consultations.

The Wellness area offers programs and services to support employee wellness throughout the organization including on-site fitness classes, annual flu vaccinations and health screening clinics, counselling and advice support, and more.

Physically and psychologically healthy employees are able to offer the citizens of Calgary their very best service, so we invite you to explore this site and use the tools here to further your own wellness goals. If you have any questions or comments, please contact