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Ask the Code - Cannabis edition - Office toker

Dear Code of Conduct,
I work at a desk all day and am not in a safety sensitive role, so after legalization I will be able to use cannabis during my work day (at lunch or on breaks), right?
- Office toker
Dear Office toker,
That is a good question – thanks for asking. The answer is no, not if it affects your fitness for work. This is the same as the guidelines around the use of alcohol or medication (e.g. over-the-counter muscle relaxants or prescribed pain medications including medical cannabis) which are also legal but are considered mind/mood altering medication impacting your fitness for work.
The laws around recreational cannabis may change but our expectations around your fitness for work have not. Even in your office role, you still need to maintain your fitness for work to effectively perform your job.
It’s up to you to know the impact and duration of any substances you take, and ensure you are fit to work in both safety sensitive and non-safety sensitive roles.
See the response to Looking for Limits for more information on how long cannabis can stay in your system.
You may also benefit from visiting the Government of Canada website on cannabis use.