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TTY services (text telephone)

City TTY services are a special communications service reserved for deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech-impaired people who use a TTY device or personal computer with a modem to communicate.

You can contact most City of Calgary business units directly using a TTY device or personal computer. City TTY services are expanding. Currently, several City business units have direct TTY access, but not all do. Please check this page regularly for the most current listing of TTY telephone numbers.

Need to use TTY when visiting the City of Calgary Municipal Building?

Visit the Information Kiosk on the plaza level . We have a TTY device available for the general public during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, free of charge.

City of Calgary TTY number directory

24-hr Emergency TTY number: 403-233-2210 - or Dial 911 (voice number) - For Fire, Ambulance, Police, Hazardous Material Spills

The City of Calgary 3-1-1 Operations Centre: 403-268-4889 (403-268-4TTY) (24 hr)

Note: Hours for all TTY-connected business units are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  • 3-1-1 Calgary (general inquiries all City services): 403-268-4889
  • Access Calgary Administration: 403-537-7777
  • Access Calgary Trip Bookings: 403-537-7977
  • Animal Services: 403-268-4889
  • Bus and C-Train customer information: 403-268-8087
  • Business license: 403-268-4889
  • By-law information: 403-268-4889
  • Calgary Handi-Bus (non-City agency) information and booking: 403-230-3947
  • Calgary Parking Authority information and enforcement: 403-268-4889
  • Calgary Police Services non-emergency police services (24 hr): 403-296-0443
  • City Council - Aldermanic reception - Wards 1 through 14: 403-268-4889
  • City Council - Mayor's reception desk: 403-268-4889
  • Development & Building Approvals: 403-268-4889
  • Emergency Medical Service Non Emergency - ambulance and paramedics (24 hour): 403-296-0442
  • Fire Service Non Emergency (24 hour): 403-296-0442
  • Human Resources Service Centre: 403-268-4889
  • Police Service Non Emergency (24 hour) 403-296-0443 
  • Recreation program registration: 403-268-3825
  • Recreation programs and facilities Information services: 403-268-3825
  • Resource Services for People with Disabilities: 403-268-1379
  • Taxes: Assessment inquiries: 403-268-4889

To reach City business units without direct TTY access

Please check the City of Calgary blue pages in your telephone directory for a complete listing of all services and business units. Listings without a corresponding TTY number may be reached with TTY using the telephone company relay service by dialing 711.

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about City TTY services, please contact

TTY Services
City of Calgary TTY Operator, 403-268-2205 TTY, 403-268-2460 Voice