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Combined Meeting of Council Apr. 29, 2019

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The Apr. 29, 2019, Combined Meeting of Council included:

Notice of Motion: City of Calgary Employee Total Rewards Review and City Council Transition Allowance

Council approved that: (1) Age-appropriate payment of the transition allowance be forwarded to the CCCO for review and inclusion in the mandate of the Council Compensation Review Committee; (2) Administration act on the request for Administration, or a third party Human Resources expert, to identify The City’s practice of paying out the retirement allowance, including if this practice should continue, if changes to this practice should be made, with regard for the current economic climate, competition with the private sector, and competition with other municipalities in attracting and retaining qualified talent, including legal concerns with enacting changes to or eliminating this practice and report directly to Council members; (3) Administration act on the request for Administration, or a third party Human Resources expert, to identify elements of the total compensation package of City of Calgary employees and report directly to Council members, as directed on September 24, 2018, as soon as practical, recognizing that this may be a longer process than looking at the two elements separated from the review above.

Notice of Motion: Comprehensive Public Sector Pension Review

This notice of motion was presented to Council recommending a public sector pension review citing, among other reasons, that with City Council governance responsibilities, direction must be given to look at creative ways of providing secure, sustainable, and affordable pension options that balance the needs of all stakeholders including the employer, the employees, taxpayers, future taxpayers, society-at-large, and which comply with applicable legislation and existing labour agreements.  Council approved referring this Notice of Motion to Audit Committee and request that they provide a recommendation to the September 2019 Council meeting on how to best achieve the intent based on their experience with annual audits of The City’s pension plans, as internal and external experts in matters of financial and organizational effectiveness.

Notice of Motion: City of Calgary Citizen Privacy Data Practices

This notice of motion was presented to Council where they approved directing the Chief Security Officer/Chief Information Security Officer, the Chief Information Technology Officer and the City Clerk in consultation with appropriate City staff and leading external privacy experts to:  (A) Provide an analysis of The City’s current privacy practices that includes but is not limited to: (i) The collection of personal information process and its intended uses; (ii) Personal data handling practices; (iii) Personal data retention policies and how consistently these are observed; (iv) Use of third party services or technologies; and (v) Open Data practices. (B) Develop a visible, accessible and overarching strategic Privacy Framework associated with digital infrastructure (‘Smart Cities’) and a Workplan for implementation for Council consideration, including but not limited to a: (i) Privacy Vision, Privacy Principles and a Privacy Charter; (ii) Privacy Statement aligned with existing statutory obligations and privacy best practice more broadly; (iii) Privacy Awareness, for both City employees and citizens; (iv) Operational Privacy Toolkit; (v) Privacy Auditing and Review Processes; (vi) Merits of having a Chief Privacy Officer; (vii) Privacy Complaints Management; and (viii) Digital tools that assist with tracking and managing City projects involving data collection, use and disclosure – particularly where personal information is involved. 

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