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Combined Meeting of Council May 27, 2019

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The May 27, 2019, Combined Meeting of Council included: 

Small Business Resiliency Grant

Administration presented the conceptual framework for a potential Small Business Resiliency Grant program. The information provided was to enable Council to weigh the risks involved and whether the potential benefits to the small business community are commensurate, appropriate and in line with the risk tolerance level acceptable to Council in making the final decision whether to move forward with this grant program. Council approved to immediately terminate the investigation and/or implementation of this small business resilience grant program as described in the report, clear feedback from the community of stakeholders, and information provided in Attachment 7 (which is to remain confidential indefinitely. Council further directed Administration to provide a public Memo to Council highlighting the key principles contained in Attachment 7.

A Motion Arising, with respect to the report directed Administration to commit $70.9 million of one time funding ($44M from the Fiscal Stability Reserve and $26.9M within the Budget Savings Account) for strategies related to short term mitigation measures or potential long term solutions for business in Calgary, to be determined through the work of the Financial Task Force (to be formed once the Terms of Reference are approved) and/or the working group, with options to be recommended to Council through Priorities and Finance Committee no later than November 2019.

Golf Course Real Estate and Development Feasibility Assessment

Administration presented a report providing recommendation to proceed with a two stage plan to advance and complete a real estate assessment on The City’s golf course lands and look for any additional direction from Council on the plan. In Stage 1, Administration is proposing a preliminary assessment of The City’s golf course land assets. This will be brought back to Council no later than Q1 2020. The results of Stage 1 will also include the scope, schedule and anticipated costs for Stage 2 of the work plan. Council adopted the recommendation to proceed with Stage 1 of the proposed plan for a Real Estate and Development Assessment, leveraging The City’s internal expertise to conduct an initial assessment of all golf course properties and return to PFC no later than Q1 2020 with a recommendation on which properties should be included in Stage 2 of the analysis. The plan for Stage 2 will include Administration’s recommendation on which golf course lands require further analysis as well as recommendations on timeline, scheduling and costs for Stage 2; and approved not including McCall Lake Golf Couse in any development assessments given a Redevelopment Feasibility Study was completed on McCall Lake Golf Course in 2014, and the recent investment and improvements to the course in 2018-2019.

Livery Fee Review 

Administration presented a report to Council on the Livery Fee Review which followed up on the April 2018 Council direction to complete a review of the fee structure in the Livery Transport Bylaw for all industry participants and determine an equitable fee structure that reflects the landscape of the evolving industry. Administration was also directed to explore a requirement that all private for hire vehicle drivers complete training equivalent to that required by other livery industry drivers. Council directed Administration to accelerate the planned review of the Livery Transport Bylaw 6M2007 and report back to Council through the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services with proposed amendments to the bylaw and its fee schedule no later than 2020 Q4; and endorsed Administration’s approach as described in this report to develop a driver training program for new private for hire vehicle drivers.

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