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Combined Meeting of Council July 22, 2019

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The July 22, 2019, Combined Meeting of Council included: 

Council Compensation Review Committee Bylaw

Council gave three readings and approved the proposed bylaw 30M2019 to establish a new Council Compensation Review Committee. Adoption of the bylaw facilitates execution of the decision of Council to complete a review of Council compensation every four years, as part of the amended standing decision made by Council on 2014 November 17, commencing with the appointment of members to a Council Compensation Review Committee (CCRC) at the October 2019 Organizational Meeting of Council as the first step. Council directed the City Manager to identify a funding source not to exceed $50,000 to be administered by the City Clerk’s Office in order to support the Council Compensation Review Committees execution of its mandate.

Proposed 2019 Budget Reductions

On June 10, 2019, Council directed Administration to identify permanent operating budget reductions of $60 million. These savings will be applied towards the 2019 Municipal Non-Residential Phased Tax Program and, starting in 2020, towards permanently reducing the overall share of non-residential property tax responsibility. Administration presented a report recommending how the $60 million in reductions can be achieved. It provided details of the proposed reductions as well as expected impacts on performance measures, risks and other considerations. For details on the discussion and the final breakdown of budget reductions, please refer to the official minutes that will be posted by The City Clerk’s Office.

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