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Community and Protective Services Committee Mar. 7, 2018

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The Mar. 7, 2018, Community and Protective Services Committee meeting included:

Accessible Taxi Review

Through its regulation of the livery industry, The City of Calgary has a responsibility to ensure that persons with disabilities who require wheelchair accessible transportation do not experience barriers to service. The Committee recommended that Council proceed with a two-phased approach aimed at improving wheelchair accessible taxi service delivery. Phase one would include the implementation of an annual incentive for recipients who are clearly improving service delivery to customers with specific accessibility requirements. This approach would be funded primarily through a per trip surcharge applied to all taxi and Transportation Network Company trips. The committee also recommended that bylaws be amended no later than Q3 2018 and that the effectiveness of the program be monitored for two years. During this time the viability of phase two, a centralized dispatch to manage Calgary Transit Access, would be explored.

Livery Industry Improvements

Following a one year pilot of the combined license fee option for companies in the taxi industry, a number of changes to the current Livery Transport Bylaw have been proposed. These changes focus on six strategic outcomes: safety, accessibility, reliability, fairness, competition and customer service. The committee recommended that Council give three readings to the proposed bylaw and authorize a full review of the fee structure in the Livery Transport Bylaw to ensure it is reflective of the changing livery landscape and the increasing number of industry participants.

Progress Report on Amendments to the Corporate Public Art Policy

Recent choices related to public art in Calgary have caused controversy and led to a loss of confidence in the public art program. Council has directed that all new public art projects scheduled for RFP be suspended until Q2 2018, pending the outcome of an administrative review of the current process for public art. This review will give consideration to: (1) how tax dollars for art funding are allocated during economic downturns; (2) the options for accommodating concept submission (to encourage local artist participation); (3) how Council can be briefed on submissions and how the public can be engaged for feedback, and; (4) who will make the final selection. The Committee has recommended that Council approve specific exceptions to the suspension for the interim:

  1. Painted Utility Boxes
  2. Street Art for Youth (mural program)
  3. Artists in Community (in collaboration with This is My Neighbourhood program)
  4. The re-siting of the Centre Street Bridge Lion to Rotary Park, as previously directed by Council and anticipated by the community

Proposed 2018 Special Tax Bylaw

For 2018, 12 communities have confirmed their continued participation in the Landscape Maintenance Agreement (LMA). Through this agreement, Council passes a special bylaw annually, permitting specific groups such as community associations to generate operating funds. This revenue is used to enhance the level of service in public parks and boulevards. The committee recommended that council review the 2018 process and give three readings to the proposed 2018 Special Tax Bylaws for participating communities.

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