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Community and Protective Services Committee May 2, 2018

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The May 2, 2018, Community and Protective Services Committee meeting included:

Gender Equity and Diversity Scoping Report

The City of Calgary is increasingly recognizing the importance of advancing gender equity and diversity as it strives to build an inclusive workplace and deliver effective services. Administration has examined current and emerging practices used to advance gender equity and diversity at The City and in other municipalities. This analysis focused on three main areas: the community; City Boards, Commissions and Committees (BCCs) and Council, and; The City’s workforce.

The Committee recommended that Council:

  1. Direct Administration to develop a strategy to advance gender equity and diversity and report back to Council through the SPC on CPS no later than Q2 2019;
  2. Direct Administration to complete a gender equity and diversity baseline assessment with respect to: community; City Boards, Committees, Commissions and Council; and The City’s workforce, to inform the development of the strategy;
  3. Direct Administration to establish an Advisory Committee on social wellbeing and report back to Council through the SPC on CPS with Terms of Reference no later than July 2018, with positions to be filled at the October 2018 Organizational Meeting of Council, and;
  4. Approve the Social Wellbeing Principles and direct Administration to develop a social wellbeing Policy and return to Council through the SPC on CPS no later than Q1 2019.

Council approved all recommendations.

Calgary Sport Tourism Authority Update

The Calgary Sport Tourism Authority (CSTA) was established under The City of Calgary’s Civic Sports Policy in 2005 to increase Calgary’s capacity to bid for sporting events. Tourism Calgary has overseen the administration and management of the CSTA. To adjust to the changing environment, and align CSTA’s activities with The City’s proposed Sport for Life Policy, Cultural Plan and Tourism Calgary’s Destination Strategy: Ultimate Hosts. Ultimate Host City, Tourism Calgary is proposing a new Calgary Sport & Major Events Committee.

The Committee recommended that Council:

  1. Approve the Calgary Sport & Major Events Committee Terms of Reference as presented, and;
  2. Direct Administration work with Tourism Calgary to bring a recommended slate of committee members for appointment to the Calgary Sport and Major Events Committee for Council’s consideration no later than Q2 2018.

Council approved these recommendations.

Proposed Sport for Life Policy

In 2005, Calgary’s Civic Sport Policy (CSPS002) was adopted by Council, becoming the first policy of its kind in Canada. Given that over 10 years have passed, The City initiated a Civic Sport Policy Review consisting of a current state analysis, stakeholder interviews, facilitated focused discussions, expert panels, municipal benchmarking, a sport infrastructure report and a general population study. This collective body of work was used to develop the proposed Sport for Life Policy.

The Committee recommended that Council:

  1. Rescind, in whole, Calgary’s Civic Sport Policy, and;
  2. Approve the proposed Sport for Life Policy

Council approved these recommendations.

Cultural Plan Integrated Policy Framework

Administration recommended that Council receive the Cultural Plan Integrated Policy Framework update and direct Administration to utilize the framework to ensure that planning culturally is reflected in the development of future plans, policies and processes, including NextCity. Council approved this recommendation and also directed Administration to undertake an exploratory discussion of formally including a cultural component in the Developed Area Guidebook and ARPs and ASPs at the NextCity Advisory Committee.

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