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Community and Protective Services Committee Feb. 13, 2019

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The Feb. 13, 2019, Community and Protective Services Committee meeting included:

Public Safety Near Supervised Consumption Services 

A full panel of subject matter experts gathered to help the committee and the public understand the contributions underway, current context, and perspectives on what is needed to address public safety concerns near the supervised consumption services site. 

Panel experts included:

  • Chief Steve Dongworth, Calgary Fire Department
  • David Low, Victoria Park Business Improvement Area
  • Peter Oliver, Beltline Neighbourhood Association
  • A/Deputy Chief Ryan Ayliffe, Calgary Police Services
  • Dr. Nicholas Etches, Alberta Health Services
  • Amy Woroniuk, Alberta Health Services
  • Kathy Christianson Calgary Alpha House Society
  • Owen Key, Director, Corporate Security 

Committee directed Administration to report directly to the February 25th Meeting of Council with an update on actions taken to date to address NOM C2019-0123 and outline additional potential City actions, and other next steps underway with stakeholders, to form an collaborative implementation framework that examines responsibilities outside The City of Calgary’s jurisdiction and seek to formalize potential partnerships and report to the Community and Protective Services Committee with regular updates. 

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