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Community and Protective Services Committee Mar. 13, 2019

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The Mar. 13, 2019, Community and Protective Services Committee meeting included:

Corporate Public Art Program Review Update

Committee received a report on Administration’s work responding to Council direction to examine current practices of the Public Art Program. The report outlined a new strategic direction for The City of Calgary responding to gaps and barriers identified by Council, key stakeholders and the community-at-large for delivering public art in Calgary. The new strategic direction will shift to a public art delivery model based in community priorities as opposed to infrastructure priorities, which will be supported by a flexible, pooled funding model. The proposed public art delivery model addresses Council’s Five Key Areas of Focus through the following Three Foundational Pillars: 

  1. Accessible in all aspects of a project or program including location, participation, application and information.
  2. Prioritizing investment in the local creative economy.
  3. Transparency in decision making and financial reporting.

Notwithstanding the progress made to date, until the new public art delivery model is fully developed, Administration will continue to maintain the suspension on new capital projects under the Public Art Policy throughout 2019. This will go forward to Council with the recommendations that (1) Council direct Administration to complete the transfer of previously-approved budgets to a Corporate Public Art program: capital activity 446510; and (2) Report back to Council through the Community and Protective Services Committee no later than Q1 2020 on a public art workplan and strategy for 2020 – 2022, and review the suspension of the Public Art Policy at that time. (3) That the Committee refer this report as an item of urgent business to the Combined Meeting of Council on 2019 March 18 to meet Council’s direction to report back by the end of Q1 2019.

Calgary Transit Access Expanded Programs Evaluation

At the October 15, 2018 Regular Meeting of Council, Council approved a motion arising requesting Administration to evaluate opportunities for expanded customer offerings through the Access Calgary Extra (ACE) and Calgary Transit Access (CTA) programs. A report was presented to Committee detailing the findings of Administration during the review of ACE that the current RFP process was limiting for service providers. As a result, Administration is recommending that a Request for Service Qualification (RFSQ) replace the traditional RFP process, allowing for all brokerages to apply at any time instead of waiting for each RFP to expire. To accommodate the transition time required for this change and prevent any service disruption to customers, the current RFP was extended until 2019 June 28. This will go forward to Council with the recommendation that Council: (1) Direct Administration to begin the RFSQ for the ACE program; and (2) Direct Administration to engage with the taxi industry prior to developing the next procurement strategy for CTA ride-share program.

Parks and Pathways Bylaw Review

Committee heard a presentation from Administration on the Parks and Pathways Bylaw, which was last enacted in 2003. Since 2003, a number of innovations have occurred that influence how we use parks, such as the use of drones in parks or electric bikes and scooters on pathways. The proposed Parks and Pathways Bylaw will allow more flexibility with these types of initiatives and be less proscriptive with acceptable uses in parks. The proposed changes to the Bylaw are coming forward following a comprehensive engagement process with an aim to better reflect Calgarians’ desires as well as current operations.  This will go forward to Council with the recommendations that Council: (1) Give three readings to the proposed Parks and Pathways Bylaw; and that (2) Committee refer this report as an item of urgent business to the Combined Meeting of Council on 2019 March 18.  

Social Wellbeing Policy Report

Committee received a report on the Social Wellbeing Policy.  On May 28, 2018, Council approved the Social Wellbeing Principles which include that The City will:

  • Strive to provide equitable services. This includes removing barriers to access and inclusion; Advance the active and shared process of Truth and Reconciliation in collaboration with the community;
  • Seek opportunities to support and grow culture in Calgary; and
  • Aim to stop problems before they start, using a prevention approach.

Council directed Administration to develop a Social Wellbeing Policy by 2019 Q1. The proposed Social Wellbeing Policy provides a flexible policy for Administration and Council to address multiple social needs to deliver effective and efficient services to Calgary’s diverse community. Pursuant to the adoption of the Social Wellbeing Policy, Administration recommends that the 13-year-old Fair Calgary Policy (CSPS019) be rescinded. This will go forward to Council with the recommendation that Council: (1) Approve the Social Wellbeing Policy (Attachment 1); and (2) Rescind the Fair Calgary Policy (CSPS019).

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