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Community and Protective Services Committee May 8, 2019

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The May 8, 2019, Community and Protective Services Committee meeting included:

Livery Fee Review 

Administration presented a report to Committee on the Livery Fee Review which followed up on the April 2018 Council direction to complete a review of the fee structure in the Livery Transport Bylaw for all industry participants and determine an equitable fee structure that reflects the landscape of the evolving industry. Administration was also directed to explore a requirement that all private for hire vehicle drivers complete training equivalent to that required by other livery industry drivers. This report will go forward to Council with the recommendation that Council: (1) Direct Administration to accelerate the planned review of the Livery Transport Bylaw 6M2007 as described in Attachment 1 and report back to Council through the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services with proposed amendments to the bylaw and its fee schedule no later than 2020 Q4; and (2) Endorse Administration’s approach as described in this report to develop a driver training program for new private for hire vehicle drivers.

Golf Course Real Estate and Development Feasibility Assessment

At the One Calgary budget discussions in November 2018, Council directed Administration to prepare a plan for a Real Estate and Development Assessment which may include decommissioning, repurposing and/or divesting of public golf course(s) for reinvestment in the remaining golf amenities to sustain the overall operations of public golf courses in Calgary.  Committee received a report providing Administration’s recommendation to proceed with a two stage plan to advance and complete a real estate assessment on The City’s golf course lands and look for any additional direction from Council on the plan. In Stage 1, Administration is proposing a preliminary assessment of The City’s golf course land assets. This will be brought back to Council no later than Q1 2020. The results of Stage 1 will also include the scope, schedule and anticipated costs for Stage 2 of the work plan. This was forwarded to Council without Recommendation.

Haskayne Legacy Park Train Whistle Cessation

A temporary ground level pathway crossing has been completed in Haskayne Legacy Park where a portion of the pathway crosses a Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) line at the eastern edge of the park. Transport Canada regulations for rail crossings call for several safety measures, including a requirement that trains approaching a crossing sound a warning whistle. In the time since the construction of the crossing was completed and responsibility for its maintenance was taken over by The City, concerns about the frequent train whistles have been received from citizens living nearby. Transport Canada allows exemptions to train whistle requirements if alternate safety measures are undertaken by the municipality. Calgary Parks has worked with both Canadian Pacific Railway and Transport Canada to identify and install the alternate safety measures required at this location to cease the need for whistle warnings.  This will go forward to Council with the recommendation that Council: (1) Approve the cessation of train whistling at the rail crossing location known as Mile 13.32 of the CPR Laggan subdivision; and (2) Direct Administration to provide notification of the above Council direction to Canadian Pacific Railway, the headquarters of Transport Canada Rail Safety Directorate, and other relevant stakeholders as required.

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