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Planning and Urban Development Committee Apr. 30, 2018

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The Apr. 30, 2018, Planning and Urban Development Committee meeting included:

Local growth planning in north central Green Line communities

Due to the significant investments required, including the North Crosstown Bus Rapid Transit, the Green Line and Council-approved Main Streets work, Planning and Urban Development have completed extensive growth planning for Calgary's north central communities. This planning project consolidates ten existing local area plans, and seeks to amend those that do not reference or include new public transit investments coming to these areas. The outcome of this work, as outlined, is a comprehensive set of community development plans. The Committee recommended that Council:

  1. Approve the scope of work outlined and direct Administration to report back no later than Q4 2019.
  2. Approve the amended Main Streets implementation plan.

Council approved these recommendations.

Supporting household energy efficiency

Council previously directed Administration to remove ‘procedural barriers’ for citizens who are interested in making their existing homes more energy efficient. The focus of this direction was on exterior insulation on low density residential buildings. Administration recommended that the Land Use Bylaw be amended to exempt exterior insulation upgrades from a development permit for lot coverage calculations to allow for side yard setback relaxations. The Committee recommended that Administration be directed to:

  1. Prepare an amending bylaw to the Land Use Bylaw, and;
  2. Forward the proposed bylaw directly to the June 11, 2018, Public hearing of Council.

The Committee also recommended that council hold a Public Hearing and approve the proposed bylaw amendment.

This amendment will provide assurance to homeowners and contractors that they can pursue energy efficiency improvements at the most economical level while maintaining appropriate safety measures. Council approved all recommendations by the Committee.

Advertising signs on Transit property

Third Party Advertising Signs located on Calgary Transit property offer a significant source of revenue for The City. They can offset tax support of operations and increases to transit fares. Currently these signs are not listed uses on Calgary Transit property, limiting the ability for the City to generate revenue from this source. The Committee recommended that Council direct Administration to:

  1. Prepare an amending bylaw to the Land Use Bylaw which will permit advertising on certain Transit properties;
  2. Prepare amendments to the Calgary Third party Advertising Sign Guidelines, and;
  3. Forward the proposed bylaw and guideline amendments to the June 11, 2018, Public Hearing of Council

The proposed policy amendments and rules will provide additional signage opportunities for Calgary Transit and the sign industry. New advertising contracts will contribute to Calgary Transit revenues to potentially offset transit fare increases and augment funding for service delivery. The impacts of Third Party Advertising Signs may be mitigated with proposed rules for a new pedestrian scale and requiring lights be turned off at night.

Council approved the above recommendations.

Repeal and replacement of Bylaw 4M2018 – Designation of the Fairey Terrace as a Municipal Historic Resource

Council previously voted to designate the Fairey Terrace as a Municipal Historic Resource. Thereafter, an error was discovered in the bylaw’s legal description for the subject property. This error prevents the designation from being registered on the property’s certificate of title, as required in the Alberta Historical Resources Act. The committee recommended that Council adopt an amended bylaw and repeal the previously approved bylaw so the Fairey Terrace can be designated as a Municipal Historic Resource as was originally intended. This recommendation was approved by Council.

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