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Planning and Urban Development Committee Feb. 6, 2019

The Feb. 6, 2019, Planning and Urban Development Committee meeting included:

City Planning and Policy Priorities 2019 Update

Committee received a PowerPoint presentation entitled 'City Planning & Policy Priorities 2019', which was a continuation of the conversation between Council and Administration on the need for, and benefits of, prioritizing certain City Planning and Policy Service Line initiatives in 2019. The priorities proposed addressed the following key concerns of Council: they increase investor confidence and enable economic prosperity; they put a focus on areas experiencing demand and development activity; they prioritize initiatives that support people and communities to achieve mutual goals; they consider the impacts and potential of City investments; and finally, they take into consideration the impact on the City Planning and Policy Service Line’s capacity and the benefits the initiatives will achieve. This will go forward to Council with Committee’s recommendation that Council direct Administration to: (1) Base its policy workplan for 2019 on the six proposed policy priority areas for 2019 as amended in the meeting; and (2) Report back to the March 6, 2019 regular meeting of the Planning and Urban Development Committee with an updated policy workplan for 2019.​

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