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Priorities and Finance Committee Mar. 21, 2017

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The Mar. 21, 2017, Priorities and Finance Committee meeting included:

Municipal Naming, Sponsorship & Naming Rights Policy, Implementation And Recommendations: Deferral Report

The Committee approved this item and recommended that Council defers the implementation report on the Municipal Naming, Sponsorship and Naming Rights Policy, including any recommended amendments, to a meeting of the Priorities and Finance Committee no later than the end of Q1 2018. Administration requires additional time to consult with business units and external stakeholders regarding their experiences in implementing the policy and any recommendations for change. Also, the sponsorship and naming rights sections of the policy have not been used as frequently as other years. Therefore, Administration is requesting a deferral to report to Council on any proposed amendments by the first quarter of 2018.

2016 Year-End Accountability Report

The Committee approved this item and recommended that Council receive this report for information. The 2016 Year-End Accountability Report informs Council of Administration’s achievement of Action Plan 2015-2018 commitments during the year 2016.

The report includes a two-page summary for each of the five Council Priorities, which provides an update on how the city (i.e. the community) overall is faring and how The City of Calgary as an organization is performing. The report also provides an update on progress made on the Leadership Strategic Plan, an overview of corporate operating and capital budgets as well as debt status and efficiency gains. Departmental pages include headline performance measures and details on operating and capital budgets.

Low oil prices and the corresponding downturn in the local economy made 2016 a challenging year for citizens and businesses in Calgary. In response, The City undertook significant efforts to stimulate the local economy and to support Calgarians most affected by the economic downturn. Overall, The City demonstrated resiliency and innovation in finding ways to continue providing high quality services to citizens despite financial challenges.

Council Innovation Fund Application - Walk21 Community Microgrants

The Committee approved this item and recommended that Council approve the Council Innovation Fund Application – Walk21 Community Microgrants in the amount of $172,500 and Administration report back to the Priorities and Finance Committee no later than Q4 2019 The Council Innovation Fund applies to programs and pilot projects that encourage innovation and support the goals of Council as set out in current Council Priorities. The Walk21 Community Microgrant program will encourage innovation in communities across the city, many of which will be attempting community-led walkability projects for the first time.

Public Transit Infrastructure Fund Light Rail Vehicle Purchase Update

The Committee approved this item and recommended that Council approve a $29.0 million budget appropriation in Calgary Transit’s LRV Purchases program 664-07w over 2017-2019 to be financed by the Federal PTIF Phase 1 grant ($12.5 million), Provincial grants ($12.5 million) and Reserves ($4.0 million), for the procurement of six LRVs within the spending timeline requirements of the PTIF Phase 1 program.

Alternatives For The Collection Of The Business Improvement Area Levy

This item was tabled to the April 4th PFC meeting. Provincial legislation currently specifies that Business Improvement Area (BIA) levies must be based on the assessment of taxable businesses. The City will discontinue preparing business assessments in 2019 when the process to consolidate the municipal business tax with the nonresidential property tax will be complete. Administration has investigated alternatives to the collection of the BIA levy through business tax.

Community Economic Resiliency Fund - Innovation Funding

The Committee approved this item and recommended that Council receive this report for information; approve the release of $325 thousand from the Community Economic Resiliency Fund to Calgary Economic Development for the pilot detailed in this report; and request that Calgary Economic Development include evaluation results for the first year of the three year pilot as part of the annual report on implementation of the 10 Year Economic Strategy by May 2018.

This report outlines the development and implementation of a Rainforest approach to an innovation framework for Calgary that is being supported and driven by community and private sector leaders. Based on gaps identified in Calgary’s innovation ecosystem, the report recommends that the remaining $325 thousand in Community Economic Resiliency Funds be directed to fund a portion of a $750 thousand three year pilot between CED and Startup Calgary to enhance, expand and deliver programs and services for early stage entrepreneurs.

Election Outreach – Improving Election Accessibility And The Voter Experience

This item was tabled to the April 4th PFC meeting. The Returning Officer was asked by Council to report on the planned initiatives that will make voting more accessible. The result will be an improved voter experience during the upcoming General Election of 2017.

Boards, Commissions And Committees – Project Implementation And Appointment Process Review

This item was tabled to the April 4th PFC meeting. The Council policy on Governance and Appointments of Boards, Commissions and Committees was adopted by Council on April 25, 2016, to establish guidelines respecting governance and appointments. Council’s adoption of this Council policy instituted new processes for recruitment, application and appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees (BCCs).This report responds to Council’s direction that the City Clerk’s Office return to Council with a review of the 2016 appointment process, and an update on the progress and timelines of the next phases of the Legislative Governance Review Project.

Draft Council Policy - Proactive Disclosure of Completed Freedom of Information And Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Requests

The Committee recommends that Council receive this report for information and file. This report responds to Council’s direction to develop a Policy on Simultaneous Disclosure of Responses to FOIP Requests.

Status Of Outstanding Motions And Directions

That Committee received this report for information.


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