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Priorities and Finance Committee Sept. 5, 2017

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The Sept. 5, 2017, Priorities and Finance Committee meeting included:

2017 Mid-year Accountability Report

The Priorities and Finance Committee received the 2017 Mid-Year Accountability Report for information and moved that it be forwarded to the September 11, 2017, Combined Meeting of Council as an urgent item of business. The Report informs Council of Administration’s achievement of 2015-2018 Action Plan commitments during the first 6 months of 2017. It shows Council’s Priorities and associated strategic actions are progressing as planned. 40 strategic actions are on target with several having achieved significant milestones. Key areas of progress include advancing delivery of new affordable housing units; major rejuvenation to Prairie Winds Park; and increased CTrain system capacity with platform and infrastructure improvements to accommodate four-car trains.

The City is facing financial challenges and is currently working to mitigate a forecasted operating budget gap of $170 million in 2018. A number of strategies are being employed such as the use of corporate savings and efficiencies, accelerated capital spending, Corporate Workforce Planning, controlling manageable costs, and operating budget reductions. Administration is working to continue to find ways to provide high quality, cost-effective services for our citizens, communities and customers.

2017 Mid-year Capital and Operating Budget Revisions Report

The Priorities and Finance Committee recommends that Council approve the Capital Budget Revisions report (attachment 1) and receive for information the Previously approved Capital Budget Revisions, Capital Budget Revision Summary, 2017 Operating Net Budget Changes, and Council Decisions/referrals Having Actual or Potential Future Year Operating Budget Impacts. The Committee recommends this report be forwarded as a matter of Urgent Business to the 2017 September 11 Combined Meeting of Council.

Silvera for Seniors Financial Review

The Priorities and Finance Committee recommends that Council accept this report and its attachments for information; direct Silvera to report back to Council through the Priorities and Finance Committee with its full 2018 budget for consideration of Council approval no later than 2017 December; direct Administration to work with Silvera and the Government of Alberta to prepare a transition plan to address the expected discontinuation of Provincial gap funding for Silvera, reporting back to Council through PFC by 2017 Q4, and; direct this report be forwarded to the September 11, 2017 Combined Meeting of Council.

Award Presentations for the 2017 September 11 Combined Meeting of Council

The Priorities and Finance Committee approved Administration Recommendation contained in Report PFC2017-0667, adding the presentation of the Canadian Open Data “Open Data for Value” Award and the presentation of the IdeaScale Innovation Management Award for “Best Engagement Strategy” to the 2017 September 11 Combined Meeting of Council Agenda.

Calgary is a Connected and Creative City

The Priorities and Finance Committee received a verbal report on progress being made to use technology to make Calgary a connected and creative City.


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