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Priorities and Finance Committee December 4, 2018

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The December 4, 2018 Priorities and Finance Committee included:

Transparency Practices - Reporting and Closed Meetings​

Administration presented are report to committee with recommendations and considerations related to establishing practices for closed meetings and reporting which increases transparency of Council and Council Committee meetings. This will go forward to Council with the recommendations that Council:

(1) Direct Administration to implement the following closed meeting practices: (a) Commencing immediately, closed meeting reports are to be presented in the agenda with an enhanced description of the item to be discussed, without revealing the confidential information; (b) That starting January 1, 2019, all closed meeting reports include a review-by or release-by date within the recommendations; (c) That any written closed meeting report, provide a supporting public report (where possible); (d) At the beginning of the Closed Meeting, Administration and The Chair clearly define the purpose and context of the closed meeting item, participants required and the outcome and decision being sought.

(2) Direct Administration to investigate establishing a process for delegating the authority to approve land transactions, up to a certain threshold value, through the process of Council Procedure Bylaw review to the January 14, 2019 Combined Meeting of Council;

(3) Direct Administration to investigate an amendment to the Procedure Bylaw 35M2017, as amended, for the Closed Meeting Section as follows: (a) To allow a member to challenge the motion to hold the Closed Meeting on an item and allow for debate. (b) A public release process that allows a Council member to challenge during the closed session the requirement of the discussion to be confidential. (c) A process for Council members to invite personal advisors to a Closed Meeting contingent on Council approval and with prior notification.

(4) Direct Administration to develop and define Closed Meeting roles and responsibilities of: (a) Administration and the City Clerk; and (b) The Chair and other participants.


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