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Priorities and Finance Committee, Jan. 22, 2019

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The Jan. 22, 2019, Priorities and Finance Committee meeting included:

ZBR Program Update

The Zero-Based Review (ZBR) program complements The City of Calgary’s other continuous improvement activities by adding a periodic, more thorough review of whether the right services are being provided in the right way. Committee received a report on the Zero Based Review (ZBR) Program from Administration that included updates on the reviews undertaken to date. Ten ZBR reviews have been completed since 2012. The findings from the latest Information Technology ZBR brings the total annual financial gains identified through the ZBR program up to a range of $60.4 million to $71.5 million. In 2018, over $16 million of financial gains were realized towards this target, bringing the total annual gains realized to $43.6 million. This item will go forward to Council with the recommendation that Council receive the report for information.

2019 Business Improvement Area Budgets and Enabling Bylaws

Committee received a report on the 2019 budgets for Calgary’s 12 Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) (formerly known as Business Revitalization Zones or BRZs) and the enabling 2019 BIA tax rates bylaws. This will go forward to Council with the Committee’s recommendation that Council: Approve the proposed 2019 BIA budgets and authorize each BIA board to amend its respective budget by: (a) transferring amounts to or from a BIA board’s reserves, and (b) transferring amounts between expenditures so long as the amount of the total expenditures is not increased; and Give three readings to the proposed 2019 BIA Tax Rates Bylaw.

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