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Priorities and Finance Committee, Apr. 2, 2019

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The Apr. 2, 2019, Priorities and Finance Committee meeting included:

The CPS Service Optimization Review and Use of Force Report

Committee received a report requesting approval from Council, through the Priorities and Finance Committee, to utilize funds from the Court Fine Revenue Operating Reserve. A high level summary of the initiatives the CPS is undertaking, for which the requested funds will be used was included. The Reserve was established in 2012 by a one-time contribution from the Calgary Police Service (CPS), with the restriction that withdrawal requests must come in written form from the Calgary Police Commission (CPC). CPC, by motion dated March 19, 2019, approved this request. This report was approved to go forward to Council with the recommendation that Council approve the use of up to $4 million of the Court Fine Revenue Operating Reserve funds for these initiatives: (1) The CPS Service Optimization Review that is aligned to the principles of the Zero-based Review process at the City of Calgary. (2) The response to the Independent Review of Police Use of Force. These funds will be used for temporary staffing and external consultants where required.

Four-Year Election Program

Committee received a report for information providing details on the four-year election program, in preparation for the 2021 General Election.

Update on Foundational Research for Notice of Motion C2019-0073
(Achieving Good Governance through Optimizing Committee Mandates).

Committee received a report providing an update on the work to date in response to this motion including: stakeholder engagement with Members of Council and Administration; a review of the history of the PFC; jurisdictional research focusing on mayoral/council systems, structures of various government systems and committee structures; and a review of the roles and responsibilities of municipal government as laid out in Alberta’s Municipal Government Act and Council’s Procedure Bylaw. This will go forward to Council with the recommendation that Council: (1) Direct Administration to examine the options presented in place of those specified in motion C2019-0073; and (2) Defer the report back to the Priorities & Finance Committee from Q2 2019 to July 2 2019.

Amendments to the Procedure Bylaw

Committee received a report introducing proposed amendments to the Procedure Bylaw 35M2017, in response to Council’s direction to increase Council’s transparency and accountability, including closed meeting provisions, electronic voting, and agenda efficiencies. It also included a proposed addition to recording the types of absences in the minutes. Committee referred this report back to Administration for further consultation with Members of Council, to return to the June 4, 2019 Regular Meeting of the Priorities and Finance Committee.

​Policy Review Project

Committee received a report for information on The Policy Review Project. The project is intended to improve customer experience, make City of Calgary operations more efficient and develop a method that can be applied to other areas, supporting Administration’s future efforts in the pursuit of these benefits in-house. This report outlines the proposed scope and method that will be used for this review to improve value of City services by identifying and resolving policy (or other) issues that act as barriers to outcomes for citizens and customers.

Proposed Approach to Council Innovation Fund Update

Committee received a report providing an update on the financial status of the Council Innovation Fund (CIF), proposed changes to the CIF’s Terms of Reference and introducing a new fund dedicated to community-driven projects called the Council Community Fund (CCF). The Council Innovation Fund (CIF) has been in place since 2011 to encourage innovative and pilot projects that have the potential to support or contribute to the goals of Council and that have city-wide application. This will go forward to Council with recommendations that Council: (1) Approve the proposed amendments to the Terms of Reference for the Council Innovation Fund, (2) Approve a new Council Community Fund with corresponding Terms of Reference, (3) Transfer 20% from the Council Innovation Fund to the Council Community Fund.

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