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Regular Meeting of Council Jun. 25, 2018

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The Jun. 25, 2018, Regular Meeting of Council included:

Improving Accessibility and Reducing Injuries Through Snow and Ice Control

Council approved recommendations, including amendments to the Street Bylaw 20M88, after administration presented options on how to improve, enhance, or expand the snow and ice control services for pedestrians. The City of Calgary’s Pedestrian Strategy, approved by Council in 2016, stated that better winter conditions for walking must be achieved, as snow and ice clearing was identified as a significant barrier to Calgarians. Through One Calgary, Council will have the opportunity to discuss and provide direction around funding emphasis areas ahead of November 2018 budget deliberations at the July and September Strategic Council Meetings.

2026 Olympic and Paralympic Reports

Council received reports for information. Administration presented four 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games reports which included:

  1. Vision update (closed meeting);
  2. Bid Book Overview;
  3. Sustainability; and
  4. Draft Concept (closed meeting).

These reports were originally brought forward to the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Assessment Committee. In addition to these reports, Council was introduced to Calgary 2026 (formerly known as Bid Corporation) Chair Scott Hutcheson.

Elections Bylaw

Based on the previous decision by Council to conduct a Vote of the Electors, the Returning Officer has reviewed existing election bylaws, resolutions, and a Calgary Election Regulation, and determined that in order to provide for an earlier start time to vote on the day of the vote, a new bylaw is required. To achieve this, the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) requires that a bylaw be created before June 30, 2018. The adoption of the proposed elections bylaw allows for: voting stations to open at 8 a.m. on the day of the vote; for the Returning Officer to be able to set dates and times of the Advance Vote; for The City of Calgary to enter into an agreement with Elections Alberta to obtain their elections data and use it for planning purposes; and for the use of automated voting systems (using tabulators). It is anticipated that these changes will improve the election experience of voters, media and candidates. Council gave three readings to the proposed Bylaw 35M2018 (Elections Bylaw), rescinded Resolution C94-138 Advance Vote and directed Administration to return with a request for funding should it be determined that the cost of tabulators exceeds the budgeted amount for the Vote of the Electors.

Recommendation on Amendments to the Corporate Public Art Policy

Council approved amendments to the Corporate Public Art Policy after administration presented a report with recommendations. Earlier this year, Council approved a Progress Report investigating how the Public Art Program might be improved. An Executive Steering Committee had been formed to re-imagine public art as a One City program with a clarified approach to finance, governance, engagement, selection and communication. Suggestions from several business units had been made to improve processes to meet the challenges noted by Council. Local artists and members of the Public Art Board, past and present, had also participated in facilitated conversations about the current process which formed the basis of a larger engagement with Calgarians. Outreach to other public art programs across Canada had also provided comparative information

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