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Regular Meeting of Council Dec. 17, 2018

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The Dec. 17, 2018, Regular Meeting of Council included:
Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Awards
The Calgary Hosting Committee for the national CCMA Awards has requested support from The City of Calgary towards the cost of hosting of the 2019 CCMA Awards. The provincial government has committed $700,000 for the 2019 event. The Host Committee is seeking additional financial support in the amount of $100,000 from The City of Calgary, to be put towards the CCMA Awards from the Council Strategic Initiatives Fund (CSIF) over two years, awarding $50,000 in 2018 and another $50,000 in 2019. The request for $100,000 will be specifically used to showcase Calgary’s musical talent and performing arts facilities, including the National Music Centre.  Council approved $50,000 in 2018 and $50,000 in 2019 from the CSIF for The City’s contribution to the event.

Social Procurement: State of Practice and Recommendations
Council was presented with a report on social procurement best practices in other jurisdictions, risk analysis, industry perspective, review of relevant policies and practices at The City of Calgary, review of current legislation and Trade agreements and potential benefits to the community. Administration recommended that The City adopt a social procurement policy and strategy that will advance the utilization of existing procurement to create local social, economic and environmental value. Council approved recommendation given as well as the budget of $505,000 to be funded from the Budget Savings Account; and directed Administration to return to Council with an update no later than Q4 2019.

Notice of Motion: Exploring an Opportunity for Annexation from the MD of Foothills
This notice of motion to explore the opportunity for annexing an area of land from the MD of Foothills was brought forward to council. The motion asked Council to direct Administration to work with the Municipal District of Foothills to investigate the potential for The City of Calgary to annex of the remainder of the Sirocco Area Structure Plan lands and any other lands necessary to create a logical planning cell(s); and determine the appropriate lands to be included in such an annexation; Identify the anticipated work program resource requirements; and return to Council for further direction through the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee no later than Q3 of 2019. Council approved moving forward on this motion.

Notice of Motion: Initiating an Intermunicipal Development Plan review with Rocky View County
This notice of motion was brought forward to Council and relates to The City of Calgary and Rocky View County’s jointly adopted Intermunicipal Development Plan (2012).  Council approved the motion, directing that Administration work with Rocky View County to develop a Terms of Reference for a potential Intermunicipal Development Plan review project and return to Council for further direction through the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee no later than Q3 of 2019.

Notice of Motion: Green Line Station Public Gardens
This Notice of Motion was approved and Administration will now prepare a scoping report identifying the ability of the public art budget to be utilized for the creation of railway gardens along the green line and report back to Council through the Transportation and Transit Committee no later than April 20, 2019.

Notice of Motion: Saving $4 Million Annually in the Budget
This Notice of Motion asks Council to reconsider the recently approved addition to the Recreation Opportunities service line budget of $4,000,000 million for lifeguard services and instead direct these funds to further reduce the non-residential property tax rate.  Council approved this motion.

Notice of Motion: Standing up for Canada’s Responsible Energy Industry​
This notice of motion was brought forward to Council asking that administration be directed to develop a strategy for the City of Calgary to advocate for Canada’s responsible energy industry. This includes an analysis and review of other municipalities’ efforts to influence the construction of pipelines; advocacy options, ether in collaboration with or in response to, the actions of others and options possible through city charter provisions. This motion, including several Council directions for Administration, was approved with amendments.

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