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Special Meeting of Council Mar. 4, 2019

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The Mar. 4, 2019, Special Meeting of Council included: 
Administration presented Council with a verbal report in support of Canada’s responsible energy industry as a follow up to the Notice of Motion brought forward to Council in December 2018. Updates were provided on the status of developing an advocacy strategy that will include recommendations for specific actions, that will be presented to Intergovernmental Affairs Committee on March 21. The strategy and actions will focus on working with other stakeholders and energy industry advocates, and will be based on the main objective of: restoring Calgary as a key economic engine for the country by providing a coordinated and amplified voice in support of Canada’s energy industry.  Council approved the verbal report. 
Council received a presentation on the Protective Services Citizen Oversight Committee, which was established in 2002 at the request of the Calgary Police Service as a pre-condition for Calgary Transit Special Constables (now Calgary Transit Public Safety and Enforcement Officers) to carry pepper spray and ballistic baton. The presentation included the mandate of the Protective Services Oversight Committee, which is to oversee the disposition of public complaints regarding the use of pepper spray and baton involving Calgary Transit PSE Officers. Council voted to direct Administration to consult with key stakeholders including Members of Council, and to: a) Examine best practices on public transit governance oversight models; b) Review the current Terms of Reference – including but not limited to citizen membership (skills and attributes required), citizen appeal mechanisms and reporting to Council. Report back to Council through the SPC on Transportation and Transit Committee no later than June 2019 so that required changes can be reflected in advertising for Council appointments in October 2019.

Notice of Motion: Student Summer Program

This notice of motion was brought forward to Council advocating to restore summer student employment through the City of Calgary Summer Student Hiring Program (curtailed in 2016 as a cost saving measure). The notice of motion highlights the benefits to The City of Calgary and the local labour market for hiring and training youth and deserving young people. Mention was also made of the federal and provincial funding programs available to offset the costs of hiring summer students. City Council voted to direct Administration to restore summer student hiring as soon as this is viable, and to report back through the Priorities and Finance Committee by Q1 2020 on the outcomes and learnings.

Update on Public Safety near Supervised Consumption Services

Council received a report from Administration on the continuing development of recommendations and actions in response to Notice of Motion: Responding to Public Safety Issues and Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre’s SCS Facility brought to Council on February 4, 2019.   In response to direction from the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services on February 13, the report provides Council with an update on: what was heard from the panel presentations and the public at Committee; progress on actions to address the Notice of Motion, including associated estimated costs, and; next steps for developing a collaborative implementation framework with our partners.  The following recommendations were approved: that Council: (1) Endorse actions underway and currently funded identified in Attachment 1; (2) Authorize Administration to allocate up to $1 million in one-time funding from Council’s Community Action for Mental Health and Addiction initiative to support actions that require funding identified in Attachment 1; (3) Direct Administration to develop an implementation framework and report back to Council through the SPC on Community and Protective Services no later than 2019 Q2; (4) Request the Mayor continue his advocacy with other orders of government, including sending a formal request on behalf of Council asking the federal and provincial governments to work together to address this matter; and (5) Direct Intergovernmental & Corporate Strategy to include these matters in ongoing advocacy efforts previously approved by Council. 


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