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Transportation and Transit Committee Mar. 15, 2017

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The Mar. 15, 2016, Transportation and Transit Committee meeting included:

Green Line Program Update

This report provided a general update for the Green Line program and a specific update on the alignment for the segment from 2 Street and 10 Avenue Southwest (Beltline) to the Inglewood/Ramsay station. A Beltline to Inglewood/Ramsay alignment recommendation was expected to be concluded by 2017 March, however, a number of constraints and considerations were identified during the evaluation of the options requiring further analysis. This report summarized the previously considered alignments, the evaluation of each option, and their impact on program-wide considerations. The four options presented within this report are considered the most feasible; best meeting the technical and financial constraints, and future area development. Further narrowing of these four options to advance the underground alignment options in the Beltline west of Macleod Trail S.E. best addresses the evaluation framework, while allowing the options east of Macleod Trail S.E. to be further refined in light of recent stakeholder discussions. A refinement of the options east of Macleod Trail S.E. allows Administration to address concerns and to ensure the recommendation brought forward has identified all possible option variants. This report is accompanied by similar reports to the SPC on Community and Protective Services (CPS2017-0270) and the SPC on Planning and Urban Development (PUD2017-0249). The intentional linking of reports to Committees of Council highlights the integrated nature of the Green Line program.

Advance Payment Strategy - Transit Fares

Given recent significant advancements in fare payment technology, Calgary Transit and Information Technology partnered to evaluate trends and developments in the industry. This analysis has resulted in a recommended strategy to stage the introduction of advanced fare payment by first implementing a mobile ticketing system in conjunction with the required life cycle replacement of Ticket Vending Machines. A full electronic fare payment system remains a long-term goal for Calgary Transit; however, given the current high costs, long implementation timelines and significant risks due to rapid technology changes, proceeding to this type of system is not currently in The City’s best interest. The proposed investments will provide Calgary Transit and its customers with the greatest value while making progress towards long-term advanced fare payment goals. This was approved.

RouteAhead Update

This report provided Committee with an update on the status of implementation of RouteAhead, a 30-year strategic plan for public transit in Calgary. The report also highlighted trends, in particular the economic downturn, and their effects on transit service delivery. This was approved.

Review and Update of the 2012 Airport Trail Functional Planning Study

Administration provided an update of the Airport Trail Functional Planning Study from 19 Street N.E. to Barlow Trail N.E. The 2012 Study (TT2012-0658), as approved by City Council, recommended a half interchange at 19 Street N.E. and a full interchange at Barlow Trail N.E. in Stage 2 (approximately in the year 2029). This 2017 update Study revised the two interchange configurations to extend the service life of Stage 2 interchanges and minimized the investment required for Stage 3. The main change to Stage 2 from the 2012 plan is the option of Airport Trail widening to accommodate the LRT connection to airport terminal. The LRT connection was investigated at the conceptual level with the consideration of the alignment and potential station location. This was approved.


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