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Transportation and Transit Committee Oct. 4, 2018

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The Oct. 4, 2018, Transportation and Transit Committee meeting included:

Hyperloop Development and Testing in Calgary

Committee received a report for information on Hyperloop - a proposed mode of freight and passenger transportation that uses a vacuum tube system to propel pods at high speeds (over 1,000 km/h) over long distances. There are no functioning hyperloops in service, and only two test tracks in the world – the Virgin Hyperloop One 500 m test track in the Nevada Desert and the SpaceX subscale model in Hawthorne, California. In 2017, a hyperloop company approached The City of Calgary looking to establish a research office, and construct a 10 km test track in Alberta. The hyperloop company investigated several locations for tests tracks outside of Calgary city limits. Administration supports the development of a privately funded test track outside the city boundary due to the economic and research benefits that could arise from its development. However, due to the hyperloop technology still being in a conceptual / developmental stage, regional plans should not be changed to account for it, and the development of a test track within city boundaries is not recommended. The decision to allow for the construction and operation of a hyperloop test track falls outside of The City of Calgary’s jurisdiction. The Government of Alberta is in ongoing discussions with the hyperloop company regarding the company’s interest in moving forward with a safe and suitable hyperloop test track location in the province.

Transportation Corridor Study Policy Review

Committee received a report on the Transportation Corridor Study Policy Review. The Policy was approved by Council in 2014 and provided direction to Administration on the engagement of stakeholders during transportation corridor studies. The aim of the Policy was to ensure appropriate levels of engagement were undertaken to allow citizens and stakeholders to participate in the project, to understand the project process and recommendations, and to better reflect citizen desires for the minimization of community impacts. The ten case studies in the review showed moderate to strong alignment with the main Policy points. They highlighted lessons learned and successes which can be used to guide future projects. The effectiveness of the Policy has been demonstrated through increased stakeholder acceptance of project recommendations and satisfaction with engagement processes. As such, no amendments to the Policy are recommended.

Green Line Update

Committee received a report for information on updates to the Green Line project for Q3 2018. The report detailed that the primary activity for Q3 has been undertaking a constructability review, focused on delivering the Stage 1 project from 16 Avenue North to 126 Avenue Southeast. The goal of the constructability review being to maintain the Council approved program objectives while balancing quality and planning for the safest work methods. The constructability review is nearing completion, with the intent of finalizing a Stage 1 reference concept design that will be moved into procurement.

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