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Transportation and Transit Committee Mar. 20, 2019

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The Mar. 20, 2019, Transportation and Transit Committee meeting included:

Southland Station Pedestrian Connectivity

In 2017 Council moved to adopt two land use bylaws to support future redevelopment at Wyldewood Estates in Acadia and Southland Crossing Shopping Centre in Haysboro. Recognizing that neither of these designations resolved existing pedestrian connectivity issues in the area, Council directed Administration to coordinate a plan to resolve these issues and implement improvements. Administration is planning to undertake a community mobility planning exercise in concert with the Kingsland Area Redevelopment Plan, which includes the affected area. Included in this will be an assessment of walking connections near the future development sites. Administration will work with the affected landowners and adjacent CAs to create a plan to be built at such time as future development proceeds or other funding becomes available.  This will go forward to Council with the recommendation that Council direct Administration to include a recommended plan for Southland Station pedestrian connectivity as part of the Kingsland Area Redevelopment Plan.

Interim Alternative Uses of Blue Line and Green Line LRT Rights-of-Way

Committee received a report summarizing Administration’s process for evaluating potential interim uses of a number of parcels of City-owned land, designated for building Light Rail Transit (LRT) projects in the future. This report will go forward to Council with the Committee’s approved recommendations that Council (1) Direct Administration to include appropriate rapid transit expansion projects for analysis in the upcoming RouteAhead Project Prioritization Report in Q3 of 2019; (2) Direct Administration to engage partners in potential pilot projects to test interim non-transportation uses of future transit rights-of-way and report back with findings no later than Q2 of 2021; and (3) Direct Administration to return to the April 8, 2019 Combined Meeting of Council with a supplemental report that includes additional examples of potential sites.

Green Line Q1 2019 Update

Committee received a report for information with an update on the status of the Green Line LRT project for the period of Q1 2019. The report provided information on present and upcoming key milestones and deliverables for each reporting period (quarterly), focusing on five key project areas which need to perform at a high level to successfully deliver the Green Line project. The five key project focus areas are: Leadership, Governance, Commercial, Stakeholder and Technical. As the project progresses, Administration will be updating Council on the progress of each of these key focus areas, in the form of a progress report card.

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