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Transportation and Transit Committee May 22, 2019

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The May 22, 2019, Transportation and Transit Committee meeting included: 

Motion Arising with Respect to Transportation Bylaw Changes 

Committee discussed the referred report of the Transportation Bylaw Changes (Report TT2019-0205) and related motion arising with proposed items to discuss with the Government of Alberta.  The Transportation and Transit Committee recommended that Council direct Administration to report back on the following:

  • Direct Administration to work with the Province to examine changes to the Traffic Safety Act to allow for bicycles (including power bicycles) to treat stop signs as yield signs.
  • Direct administration to work with the Province to permanently exempt power bicycles from the requirement of having a brake lamp and a side mirror, and the rider requirement to wear a motor cycle helmet for power assist bicycles with a total continuous motor output rating of 750w or less; (currently 500w or less).
  • Direct administration to work with the Province to remove electric scooters from the prohibited miniature vehicles list and allow them to operate as bicycles in terms of their rules, rights and responsibilities, which will allow Calgary to pilot the devices.
  • Direct administration to work with the Province to change the Traffic Safety Act to allow mobility aides (electric scooters/wheelchairs) in bike lanes.
  • To encourage the Province to examine formally adopting the Alberta Bicycle Facilities Bike Design Guide, which will give our engineers certainty when designing modern bicycle infrastructure.
  • To encourage the Province to examine formally adopting the ‘Making Alberta Roads Safer for Cyclists’ recommended changes to the Traffic Safety Act, as prepared by the Alberta Cycling Coalition.
  • To encourage the Province to establish the role of Active Transportation Coordinator, to facilitate policy and design work at the provincial level and assist with regional and provincial planning and infrastructure.

Capital Project Construction Planning and Management 

Committee received a report providing an overview of Transportation’s procedures for the planning and construction of capital projects, in response to the Notice of Motion - Addressing Traffic Concerns during Construction. The report detailed the mitigation strategies undertaken to lessen the impacts of construction activities, including the communications tactics implemented to support this work.  Committee recommends that Council (1) Receive the report for information; (2) Direct Administration to consider full closures of a major roadway or intersection when there are no additional single lane closures impacting travel on major roads that would be used as the alternative route, with the exception of emergency situations; (3) Direct Administration to provide enhanced communications for emergency vehicle access as required by emergency services for future closures; and (4) Direct Administration to apply the learnings of the cross-departmental construction coordination committee model citywide.

17 Avenue SE Stampede Crossing 

Committee received a presentation on proposed plans for the 17 Avenue SE Stampede Crossing. This is related to the Rivers District Master Plan (RDMP) released by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation in December 2018 - a plan to integrate and align with the many existing and evolving plans, programs and development aspirations of the various stakeholders in the area. To enable the RDMP, the 17 Avenue Stampede Crossing (17SX) project was initiated to extend 17 Avenue SE at Macleod Trail via an at-grade crossing of the Red Line CTrain tracks into Stampede Park, accommodating all modes of transportation. Administration presented its preliminary design report outlining the modifications required to Victoria Park / Stampede CTrain Station, the surrounding CTrain infrastructure and roads.  Committee recommended that this report go forward to Council for information.  

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